Is Your Power on Remote Control?

In 1939 the world was introduced to a device that revolutionized the way we live and the way we physically move – or don’t move. According to the Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia, that year the first wireless remote control was developed by Philco. It was appropriately named the Philco Mystery Control.

The image of this remote control device came into the mind of a visionary – who made it become reality, changing the way the world lives forever. This is another example of what one person can do, who’s willing to step out and turn their vision into reality.

It’s an interesting analogy between the wireless world of remote controls and the wireless world of our thoughts, which create our physical reality. The difference being that a remote control is limited by the frequency that’s subscribed to a device, and our thoughts have no limits of any kind – unless we believe in limits.

Are you letting outside influences, or the good opinion of others, limit your life? Do you feel like other people are your “clickee”, using the remote control for your power to get what they want from you? Are you having a hard time saying “no” to the time stealers in your life?

Maybe you believe you aren’t important enough to put your goals and desires first. But you know what? We all came into this world, from the same Source, equally valuable with our own unique gifts to express in our own way. We all have the right to the freedom to express them. In fact, it would seem that the world was created just for that purpose, wouldn’t you think?

Many years ago I was forced to choose between a 24 year career with a major telecommunications company or a business I was building with my husband, that I hoped would allow me to quit my job. The powers-that-be in this company believed that my “side” business created a conflict of interest. When I thought about the demands they were putting on my life, I knew in my heart and soul I couldn’t give up the idea of freedom.

I choose to say “no” to the corporate prison, the robber of my time and peace of mind. I faced the fear of uncertain income – no regular paycheck. I pushed through the times I felt paralyzed by fear by turning to the only source I had to get me through – the one inside of me. I learned to let go of that part that told me I couldn’t survive without a job, and turn to the part that had all the answers to the questions I didn’t yet know to ask. I learned to use the Universal Laws, which operate just as surely as the Law of Gravity. It took time, faith, and trust, but in the end it was all worth the struggle. I now lead a free and peaceful life.

If you’re having a hard time saying “no” and giving your self permission to live life on your own terms, there is another way to look at the situation that may help you see it differently.

Love yourself, and the other person, enough to say no. When you’re faced with decisions, you have two options. You can choose from a place of fear, or from a place of love. If you choose from fear, you’re doing what the other person wants because you’re afraid of what they will think or say about you, and how that might affect your life. If you choose from love, you understand that at a soul level we are all connected. At this level how you feel about what you do is more important than what you actually do.

To choose from love means to love yourself enough to honor what you know is right for you, trusting that it’s also the right choice for the other party – whether they can see that point of view or not.

So how do you know if you’re making your choices from love or fear? Your feelings are the clear indicator of where your choice is coming from. If you have a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach and you’re feeling anxious and in an emotional turmoil, you can bet you’re moving in the fear direction.

How do you change directions?

• Begin by taking the time to go inside yourself and getting clear on what you really want the outcome of this decision to look like. See it, feel it, and live as if it’s already a reality.

• Keep that vision in front of you. When your thoughts take you to fear and worry, STOP and let go of those thoughts. Use your power of choice to be relentless in your vision for the outcome you want, letting go of any fear thoughts that come up.

• Look for ideas and guidance that begin appearing throughout the day. Act on the guidance you receive, and take one step at a time towards the outcome you want.

What do you do about those who will be less than understanding about your decision? Be lovingly firm, without judgment or criticism, and set the example for them to find their own way to an outcome that’s ultimately better for all involved. By following your own vision, you’re lighting the way for others to find theirs.

Unlike the remote control, we all have a choice of when we use our power and when we don’t. Don’t let fear be your guide. It’s up to you to be aware of what you value the most, take a stand, hold onto that value, and live the life you came here to live for the good of us all.

Be true to you. If you don’t – who will?