Is Your Online Date Actually Married

Is Your Online Boyfriend Actually Married? Strategies for Finding out the Truth

There are an overwhelming number of individuals online that post profiles in online dating forums. Many times, those individuals are not actually single, but are looking for some action on the side. Studies have shown that a striking number of people that are on online forums are actually married!

If you suspect that your new online boyfriend may be married, there are some steps that you need to take in order to protect yourself and uncover the truth. Read on for some advice pertaining to this phenomenon.

1. Does your boyfriend tell you that you cannot call him during certain times of the day?
You’re your new boyfriend is restricting the amount of phone time that you can spend with him, then chances are very good that he is concealing something or someone from you. Ask him why he is so tied up during certain hours. If you are truly suspicious, then call him during the off-limits hours. Who picks up? What is his attitude when he answers the phone? Does he whisper into the phone? Does he answer? A solid relationship is built on mutual respect and complete openness – he needs to communicate with you if you are going to sustain any sort of long-term commitment.

2. Has your boyfriend kept you from visiting him at home?
It is unusual to date someone for a significant amount of time without being invited back to his house. If your boyfriend has not invited you home, then ask yourself what he could be hiding. Likewise, if you have offered to come to his house and he has resisted, you should proceed with caution.

3. Does your boyfriend refrain from showing affection while in public?
Does your boyfriend treat you like more of a buddy in public? If he does show affection, is it in a town where the chances of running into someone you know are minimal. Ask yourself why he shows resistance with showing affection. The answer could reside in the fact that he is afraid of being recognized by a friend or colleague.

4. Is there a tan line around his wedding finger?
One of the most obvious signs that you man is married is a well-defined tan line around his ring finger, indicating that he has recently worn a wedding ring – or at least has worn it enough to develop a tan line.