Is Your New Business Kicking Your Behind?

When you’re building a home based business, discouragement comes often. Money goes out faster than it comes in. Customers don’t seem to know you exist. How do you cope when you can’t pay the bills?

When I was dealing with these situations, taking the time to nurture my spirit and build belief in myself saved me. Taking time for whatever inspires you is a requirement for a new home based business owner. When you feel inspired, you’re tapping into something bigger than any problems you may have on your plate. Taking the time to do what inspires you, creates breathing room so you can see your challenges from a fresh perspective.

Have you heard the story about The Blind Men and the Elephant? Three blind men decided they wanted to know what an elephant felt like, since they couldn’t see one. When a merchant with a herd of elephants came along, he overheard them talking and offered to let them touch one of his elephants. The merchant led each man individually to different parts of the elephant. One man touched the forelegs, one touched the trunk, and one touched the tail.

Later the three men talked about their experience. Each one had a very different perspective. One said it must resemble two big trees. The second one said it was similar to a snake, long and round, and very strong. The third one said it was like a straw fan swinging back and forth to give a breeze, but not so big or well made.

The moral to this story is, how can anyone know what’s true until they can see the whole picture? We are like the three blind men, we don’t know the whole picture.

When we started our home business, I couldn’t see the whole picture. But I knew other people had built successful home businesses. I knew there was a way that I could do it too, if I stayed plugged into the energy and knowledge of those that had already been successful. I knew this energy would give me the inspiration and ideas I needed each step of the way. Where do those ideas come from? That is a question we each must answer for ourselves. In my case, I listened and took action when I received inspiration, and eventually I began to see the whole picture come into focus.

What is your source of inspiration? Maybe it’s a good book, a walk to clear your head, gardening, petting your dog, or talking to your coach. You have your own unique way of opening your mind, so that just the right ideas can present themselves to you. The key is to honor and act on those inspirations, so they will keep coming!

My question for you is – what inspires you?