Is Your Morning Shower Causing Disease?

In many countries, people now drink bottled water because they know facet water contains many toxic chemicals that harm the body. Our drinking water has been compromised by the addition of the minerals fluoride and chlorine. Chlorine is put in facet water to kill bacteria and harmful microorganisms. Fluoride is put in our water to promote healthy teeth.

In the past articles, I mentioned how fluoride was affecting your thinking and how it was detrimental to brain tissue. Chlorine has a different affect. When chlorine gets into your blood, it attacks artery walls causing a scratch or break in the wall tissue. Cholesterol quickly comes by and patches this break but in the process causes a disturbance or bump in an otherwise smooth artery wall. In time, this bump can get bigger or more bumps are created and later the artery wall narrows.

This narrowing is called arteriosclerosis. Narrowing of the arteries normally leads to heart attacks and eventually death.

Also, in research done at the Municipal Institute of Medical Research in Barcelona, researchers found that people who were exposed to specific levels of chlorine as opposed to those who had less exposure, had a 60% higher risk of developing bladder cancer.

In a special report, John Capece, Ph. D., of Southern DataStream, a water research consulting firm, writes that his investigation

“found that chlorination by-products may be linked to heart, lung, kidney, liver and central nervous system damage.”

Other researchers found that chlorine destroys body protein, aggravates allergies, respiratory problems and asthma. It irritates skin and creates sinus conditions.

Perhaps you feel that you are not being exposed to chlorine, since you use bottled water. But there is another use of water that is a danger to you – taking a shower or swimming in a pool.

When you take a shower, your entire skin is exposed to chlorine and you absorb it right into your body. Your scalp, like the bottom of your feet, readily absorbs chemicals that are put on it. In addition, you also inhale chlorine from the shower water vapors. It has been discovered that you absorb 6 – 100 times more chlorine taking a shower than you do by drinking 8 glasses facet water. Just think about it, you do this every day

So what is a solution? Using a shower filter that removes chlorine and other toxic substances is the smartest solution. I recently bought a shower filter for $70.00 including shipping. But you can find them cheaper. Go to Google and type in Shower Safe Shower Filters and you will have many companies that sell shower filter. This is one step you can take in improving your health and those of your family. And, if you do a lot of swimming, make sure you wear a swimming cap. At least you can eliminate one area of your body that will not absorb chlorine.