Is Your Loved One Struggling with Unhealthy Habits? Know What You Need to Do

It is disheartening to see our loved ones struggling with unhealthy habits. But at the same time, it is our responsibility to provide them the needed support to overcome those unhealthy habits. Though willing to help, many of us do not know on how to initiate and implement the right steps to help our loved ones.

It is important to know that your timely intervention in detecting the unhealthy habits and providing help will protect your loved ones from harmful effects of those habits. Though there are many unhealthy habits, we will discuss on how to help your loved one come out of the most dangerous habits which include smoking, alcohol and substance abuse.

Monitor his/her activities: In order to identify unhealthy habits, it is essential to monitor your loved onesÂ’ activities. Try to know about their food and hygienic habits, physical and behavioral characteristics, friends circle, places they are visiting frequently, activities they are engaged in, routine happenings in their life and so on. This kind of active observation will help you detect any changes in their lifestyle.

Confirm unhealthy habits: You can be aware of their lifestyle by continuously observing their lifestyle. However, it is important to confirm unhealthy habits using a reliable source. The habits of smoking and drinking can be easily identified whereas it is bit tough to detect the drug abuse, as it can be easily concealed. The moment you suspect your loved ones of any abnormal behavior, conduct drug testing on them to confirm the drug abuse. Make use of home drug testing kits that assure accurate results at the privacy of your home. Don’t panic if the results are positive for drug abuse, be cool and follow the below mentioned steps.

Talk to the person: Corrective measures to prevent your loved onesÂ’ unhealthy habits are always important. Strict rules, screaming or yelling at them to make them stop the habit will only make the habit worse and fuels rebellion and bitterness. Instead, try to talk to them and try to know what made them take up this habit. Create a healthy discussion, make them express their feelings. Also, listen patiently to them as it shows your concern for them.

Express your concern: Nothing makes a relation better than love. Hence, express your real concern by telling your loved ones that it hurts to see them suffering. Try to explain them about the risks associated with drug or alcohol abuse. Express your worry by explaining the effects of these habits on their physical and mental health.

Provide support: Approach your loved ones with an attitude of love and forgiveness. Assure them that you are there for them to help stay away from unhealthy habits. Take them to doctors and counselors for effective treatment. The strength, guidance and support you provide them at this stage, makes positive impact on their attitude. Reward them with gifts on seeing slightest changes in their behavior; this will motivate them to improve further.

Encourage healthy habits: Tell your loved ones that it is not only important to break unhealthy habits but also necessary to adapt healthy habits to balance the situation. Help them in inculcating good habits like exercising, taking proper diet and choosing friends wisely. Also, assist them while they are participating in healthy activities. Ask them to try and experience the positive changes.

Though self-realization is important for your loved ones to stay away from unhealthy habits, your support and guidance plays a major role in helping them change.