Is Your Golf Swing Sustainable?

A friend passed on an observation to me yesterday that her brother had made about her golf swing. He’s probably a well-qualified commentator as he is himself a scratch golfer. He told her that her swing is all based upon hand-eye co-ordination and would not be sustainable in the long term.

She acknowledges that his comments are pretty accurate. I know exactly what he is saying as my friend and I both rely very heavily upon hand-eye co-ordination and less on pure technique. There are many ways in which to swing a golf club and still hit the ball in an effective manner. We both get away with our methods, most of the time.

My friend is happy to stick with her methods and she usually shoots pretty low scores with it. She has a “blow-up” hole every so often, but then who doesn’t? She is very happy to continue enjoying playing golf in this way and if or when her hand-eye co-ordination fails her she will think about alternative methods.

Our discussion yesterday struck a real chord with me as I came to the conclusion a couple of months ago that my own swing was in a similar manner unsustainable and have been moving back to a few solid basics. Having gone my own way with my swing for the last ten years it has been quite eye opening to realize how far off from the basics I had gotten!

Why did I decide to do something about my swing? The answer is very simple. I totally love golf. I love everything about the game and I’m fortunate enough to get to play several times a week. It’s worth my while to get as good as I can be and to make sure my swing is sustainable. I find it fun to take on new challenges in golf.

I also enjoy the challenge of making sure that I keep my focus and confidence during the process of making changes to my swing. Most golfers find that changes in their swing totally mess with their mind, and they enter a “no-man’s land” where they have no idea how to control the golf ball. Eventually, they come out of that horrid space and hopefully play better golf, but that interim period is not a happy place to be. Thus my challenge to me is to make the necessary changes to my swing without entering that mental fuzz.

This goal of mine needless to say impacts upon my pro. Happily he’s up for the challenge! This entails him getting me to make changes using no more than one new thought at a time, and finding ways to get me to see and feel what is needed in a clear and simple manner.

The visual side is all-important as your mind works in such a way that whatever you imagine you create. Visual images have in fact got more impact than thoughts and even override your thoughts. For example, if I say, “Don’t think about an elephant” what happened? I bet you saw an elephant.

When you wish to change something in your swing you have to “see” it before you can do it. That seeing is like a “light bulb” moment. It’s the same with playing on the course. You have to see your shot before you can create it. This is why working on your golf mind is an all-important part of the game.

Roseanna Leaton, avid golfer and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.

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