Is Your Body Water Deprived?

Whilst we are so concerned about enough water to grow our gardens, wash ourselves etc we are depriving ourselves of one of the most important factS of water – our internal intake. We are literally dehydrating ourselves.

But we are thirsty you might say. Why is that – because instead of the most natural and highly beneficial way of hydrating our bodies, we are choosing to replace all that essential healthy drinking of water by substitutes of tea, coffee, soft drinks, milKshakes and the list goes on. Sure it is fine to drink those drinks in moderation, but to absolutely replace water with those is a big opening for major health problems, cancer, heart conditions, diabetes and other severe illnesses we don’t even want to think about. When we are water deprived internally, the protein repair mechanism in our bodies starts to deteriorate, accelerating the aging process, creating problems of disease. The immune system, unflushed with water just doesn’t want to function the way it should.

Picture this – place a beautiful new healthy leafy green plant on your balcony for all to admire. Now instead of taking care to water your lush healthy plant regularly, you neglect it. Day after day it starts to dry up from inside out. It dehydrates to an ugly, unhealthy, lethargic stick with no energy to produce any life at all.

Now picture that as “You”! Scarey hey! You could be depriving yourself of life itself right now.

So what are the benefits of water? Have you heard of ‘Heartburn’. Of course you have. Alot of us live with it day and night. In a diet world of too many carbohydrates and not enough fruit and vegetables and pure water ‘Heartburn’ becomes ones closest companion. If you ask me I would consider it more of an enemy. My experience and memories of ‘Heartburn’ are ‘unwelcome’ to say the least. During my treatment of chemotherapy it was one of my unwelcomed, unpopular past-times. I tried so many medications and remedies; avoided acid related foods and so life went on still with ‘Heartburn’. Then finally I learnt the huge and lifesaving benefits of ‘water’ – good purified, but still economical ‘water’. Plenty of it was the prescription. It really works. Believe me folks, from a disastrous real life experience I know. I know how chronically discomforting it is and how a life changing relief is the best feeling you could imagine. All this because of good clean ‘water’.

So instead of reaching for the quick relief medication – reach cheap and grab a glass or more of water.

Water Additives – something I mention many times, because I honestly sware by it is, Aloe Juice. A capful three times a day in your water is so beneficial for a healthy and very functional – heartburn free – digestive system. My daughter has used it for both her children from when they were babies. It is one of the best blood cleansers you could use.

Enough water per day (usually approximately 8-8ounce glasses or 2 litres per day) also is a huge boost to clean out and help reduce any unwanted weight. Alongside a good nutritional diet, water definitely flushes out all those unnecessary impurities and starts the metabolism pumping at a more rapid rate.

Your body is 67% water; your blood is 83% water; and your brain is 74% water. So keep your all important being, flushed and hydrated, and you will find the important actions like metabolism, blood flow and so on, will only enhance your energy levels to an all time peak.

As you can now see, as well as a healthy and nutritional diet complimented by exercise, water is very important and a crucial factor in the whole cycle of a strong, energic, healthy ‘You’!

Copyright (c) 2007 Jenny Regeling