Is What You’ve Been Holding Back Holding YOU Back?

Are you ready…
…To step into your greatness?

To step into our Greatness is our deepest desire. This Divine Desire to be who you really are lives in the heart of every human being. It is also at the heart of real success.

There is much that goes into being who you really are – the unity of your Spiritual essence and personal uniqueness.

The personal you has a unique brilliance that is made up of innate gifts and purpose, of dreams and desires, of personality and body. This brilliance is empowered by the infinite Power, Potential, Peace, Love, Life, Freedom, Joy, Wisdom and Abundance of your essence.

Expressing your Greatness is what you are here to do. At the core this means being authentic, being true to all that you are.

In 1993, I interviewed women leaders for my graduate thesis to bring to light the elements that contributed to their success. Two criteria were that they be nationally recognized leaders, and openly lesbian. These women came from academia, politics and the media.

As I was soon to be embarking on a new career path one of my deepest desires was to bring all of myself into my career. It is a common belief for most people that you have to hide aspects of yourself to be successful. I had done that before but I wanted something different.

The population that I chose to interview was obviously bringing their full selves into the public eye in a way that few people would have considered doing in 1993. I expected there would be something significant for me to learn and share with the world at large.

There was plenty that I learned from this phenomenal group of women. And I expect I will write more about this at some point. But what continues to stand out for me is their commitment to authenticity. They found that far from being a detriment, their openness about being lesbian contributed to their success.

They spoke openly about it not to make a statement about themselves or to prove anything. Their personal integrity was at stake. And they spoke openly from their public platforms to contribute to greater understanding, and to pave the way for others. It was for both themselves and for something greater than them.

Imagine the freedom that comes from such a level of authenticity. All of the energy that would otherwise go into hiding, into appearing to be something less than or other than what you are, can go into the full expression of your Greatness.

It is through being who you really are that you experience the joy, aliveness, connection and freedom that you yearn for and that is meant to be yours. It is also from this expression that you have the impact in the world that only you can have.

Is what you’ve been holding back holding YOU back? If so, the time is now to bring forth those aspects of you that you’ve been holding back – holding back from yourself and from the world.

They might just end up being your greatest gifts and contribute to your greatest impact. What are they for you?

To step into your greatness – to be who you really are – is the deepest desire of every human being. As is written in the Gospel of Thomas,
“When you bring forth that which is within you it will save you.”

Are you ready?

Step into Your Greatness Now!
Bring forth what you’ve been holding back!