Is this years greatest trend Control Pants

Is the fastest way to a flat tummy is a pair of Big Pants? Celebrity appreciation society are embracing large lingerie. Take a look at these recent sightings:-

– Sienna Miller whose bold Big Pants sans skirt look at the Factory Girl premiere brought them to the attention of the public;

– Bridget Jones’s Big Pants and Hugh Grant – need we say any more;

– Beyonce, who blinged up her pair by covering them in sequins on her latest U.S. tour.

– Girls Aloud’s Kimberley Walsh recently wearing a pair of Spanx control pants after a night out.

Not only do these garments give you the guarantee that you will not lose you dignity after a few drinks, they would make your granny proud. Are big pants here to stay – there is no doubt that thongs, shorts look nicer but in the tummy pulling stakes big pants win hands down.

Pregnant women have long found big pants a huge comfort during and even after their pregnancy – offering support, comfort and control. New and expecting mums do not have to try to push their expanded waist line into pants that do not offer support needed and were not designed for that purposeto or endure the all-day wedgie effect of wearing a thong.

Do what you loose in sex appeal out weight the comfort gained? Normally the big pants stay for longer than originally anticipated as they provide the perfect way to hide the fact that far from snapping back into shape after giving birth, most new mums still sport a belly that will take up to a year to get back into shape.

At the heart of our love of big pants is the magical ability to hide a multitude of sins. Although you have stuck to your diet religiously, your dress may be on the tight side; you can trust your reliable pair of firm super control pants!!

Who can deny the feeling you will get as you sculp a waist that did not seem to be there when you got up this morning as you squeeze into a pair of control pants which will suck you in from knees to chest,.

Trust me, there lurks a pair of polyester passion killers with a bullet proof tummy panel and industrial strength, butt-sculpting behind many a slinky siren. Although, there may be a couple of disadvantages to these drawers – firstly remember that after you have seduced your bloke (Big Pants’ power to give you a sexy shape under a dress), when you get him home, may be advisable to undress in the dark and secondly the ugly cousin of VPL (visible panty line).

Have a look around at the huge range of control wear that is available – you can now buy high quality control pants, control vest, control tubes from a number of established manufacturers. The choice is growing all the time and the plus size fashion world are cottoning on. There are ranges from manufacturers such as Anita and Plie whom offer current, stylish slimming garments at very affordable prices. In conclusion, Big Pants are definitely a girl’s best friend. Now that celebrities have discovered this ticket to an instantly taut tummy, there’s no reason you can’t, too!!!

Copyright (c) 2007 Julie-Anne Smith