Is There Risk to Hair Straightening

Hair straightening procedures require radical changes in the structure of your hair and may damage your hair after repeated uses of an iron or other type of chemical. It helps to be aware of the effects on your hair by everyday blow drying and straightening. People who become victim to this manage their hair in multiple ways. There are many different types of topical products that can be applied to your hair. They come in sprays and lotions and they are designed to help rejuvenate your scalp and hair follicles. It has reportedly reduced shedding and generally made thinned hair appear to be healthier. After a few months hair may return to its rightful health. Emu oil is a substance believed to accelerate your skin’s regeneration and aid in your hair’s quest to grow.

Hair conditioners will help smooth out the cuticle which is loosened through soaps and shampoos. The longer that you allow it to settle on your hair, the smoother your results will be. Pay attention to the pH of the conditioners you use because it will affect the outcome. Lower pH levels around 4-4.5 are preferred because this will help hair retain its natural strength and avoid loosened strands, which cause hair breakage. A small amount of fat is added to give the hair a better shine.

Hot oil treatment conditioners also are popular on the market. They claim that heating the oil will sink the conditioners deeper into your hair and bring about attractive results. The problem is that any success may be short lived, and the heat is too extreme which may in turn may damage your follicles and hair quality. Follicles should not be exposed to more heat than that of one hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit.

Brushing your hair can be vital to its overall health and strength. It is known to improve the blood flow to hair follicles and helps distribute fat protection making the combing process much smoother and easier. Natural hair bristles are desirable because their structure is similar to the very hair that they are brushing. Brushes with a wooden handle are best. They reduce static causing less fly-aways on your beautiful hair.

Whenever you choose to straighten your hair make sure you are aware of the dangers it can cause. It will damage your hair overtime, so be prepared to use some of the products listed above. Do not be afraid of losing your perfect hair, just protect it from heat damage appropriately.