Is There Life After Hysterectomy?

What you are about to read should be both inspiring and consoling. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of women going through the hysterectomy experience, or are a hysterectomy survivor, then you know first hand about the fear, discomfort, mood swings, decreased libido, depression, menopause-like symptoms, and worry that accompanies such a life change.

So do I. You see, I too, am a hysterectomy survivor having undergone LAVH (laparoscopic assisted hysterectomy in 1992) and two oophorectomies (ovarian excisions in 1995 and 1998).

I, too, spent several years in pain, “dis-ease,” and fear. And, I am sure that you will not need to look very far to find many more horror stories of women who are currently experiencing this trauma. However, I am living proof that it does not have to be that way. I have survived! And I can attest to the fact that there IS life after hysterectomy. More than that, I can show you the way!

Every day, you can find examples of people recovering from overwhelming medical issues that seem to defy medical science, (just look at Lance Armstrong!) These “miracles” are simply manifestations of the mind-body connection. The realization of that person’s will to overcome.

It is simply her conscious action to BELIEVE in her own recovery and her stubborn refusal to ACCEPT defeat in any form. Said another way, it is her ability to act on whatever truth she holds for her life; her ability to act on faith and either embrace her reality, or create a new one.

Understand that I am not suggesting that the surgery should be avoided when medically necessary; nor am I arguing against the surgery in favor of non-traditional, holistic treatment options. I am simply offering a different perspective on the experience of it; and a means to emerge from the experience fully recovered, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

You see the reason so many of us continue to suffer through this experience is our refusal to confront the true reason for the underlying suffering. It is far easier to focus on the suffering then it is to face the loss which inevitably accompanies a hysterectomy.

The simple fact is that we women WERE created so that WE MAY CREATE. The blessing and miracle of creating life is uniquely female, and is ours alone. It is what places us in commune with nature, and with the circle of life; the very basis of our existence. It is a direct plug into the energy of creation; our primary “creation connection”.

It is this “creation connection” that defines who you are, guides your life choices, and serves as your beacon in your relationship with world. However, when you undergo a hysterectomy, this gift, this blessing, is physically, forcibly, and some would say violently, torn from you.

This shakes the very core or your identity, your reality, and your life’s vision. Facing this requires not only extraordinary courage, but also the willingness to entertain a new perspective and to create a new paradigm.

Because this is such a great loss, it is easy to forget that though you have lost your PRIMARY “creation connection,” you ARE NOT unplugged. You are, after all, still a WOMAN.

The gift and blessing of creation is still yours! You WERE and ARE CREATED so that you MAY CREATE. You simply need to find a NEW WAY TO CREATE!

You see, if you continue to focus on your “dis-ease” and your “dis-ability,” then you will continue to think, speak, and act “dis-eased” and “dis-abled.” You will manifest these things in your reality because you will have CREATED them.

If, however, you CHOOSE to NOT focus on your “dis-ease” or your “dis-ability,” but rather on your “ease” (freedom from pain or discomfort) and your “ability,” then you will begin to think, speak, and act differently. You will manifest a difference in your reality because YOU WILL HAVE CREATED IT.

To do this, as I said before, requires great courage because it challenges you to look beyond that which is obvious, to find your inner and unique “creation connection.” It requires that you not rely merely on your biological “creation connection” but instead, find a new “creation connection.”

This takes soul searching and the willingness to re-evaluate your life’s purpose. It demands your belief that you ARE capable of creating a new paradigm in which you ARE whole, well, and “at ease” with yourself and your world.

You may believe that this is unattainable. However, I say that it is not only attainable, but it is the inevitable. You ARE a woman. You ARE already part plugged in to the energy of creation. You WERE and ARE created so that YOU MAY CREATE! Nature WILL find a way to create through you.

Whether you create your reality consciously, or whether you allow yourself to remain adrift in your ocean of uncertainty, “dis-ease” and “dis-ability” remains YOUR CHOICE.

So, I ask you… Are YOU ready to believe?

(c) Amy Potavin, 2006