Is There An Alternative To Bankruptcy?

Are you in this situation? You are facing a serious and overwhelming debt issues and you are considering of filing a bankruptcy to get an instant release from the stressful debt problem. While the process of making up your decision, you keep asking yourself to look for other option that you can go for besides the bankruptcy filing. Is there an alternative to bankruptcy?

Have you explored all your options? In fact, there are many factors to consider in deciding whether bankruptcy is an appropriate option. You might need to consult an attorney before you decide to go for this option. The rule of thumb, bankruptcy must always be your last option when you really can’t find other better option to get you out of debt.

You may trapped into your overwhelming debt issues and the depressed situation makes you unaware of other potential debt solutions and thinking that bankruptcy filing is only way to get rid of debt. Sometimes a few advices are all you need to get your finance in order, or putting a proper debt management plan can save you from your debt problem. Hence, get help from a professional such as consumer credit counseling service might help you to avoid the need to go for the bankruptcy option.

Consumer credit counseling is non-profit service that is designed to help people who have money problems. It offers free service about how to get out of debt and how you use your credit wisely. Based on your financial situation, a counselor that assigned to handle your case will help you to explore all your available options that may help you to resolve your debt issues. In most case, you may be proposed to sign up a debt management plan, in which a small monthly contribution is needed.

Although enrolling into a debt management plan is optional in consumer credit counseling service, sometimes you find it a helpful to follow the plan and recover your financial to a better situation so that you won’t drag into the last option of bankruptcy filing.

If you decide to take up a debt management plan, you normally will go through a full assessment of your financial situation. You need to let the counselor know in details your regular income, expenditure, how much you owe, who are your creditors and other relevant information about your personal circumstances. And based on information you provided, a debt management plan will be proposed to you by the counselor. Under the debt management plan, you will consolidate all your debt payment into one payment that pay to your debt management account, it will then be distributed pro data to your creditors. Your plan will be reviewed at a regular basis it meets your circumstances.

By go through a consumer credit counseling process, you get to know what other options available for you to resolve your debt issue instead of bankruptcy filing. The consequences of bankruptcy follow you for 7 to 10, any other option that may help to resolve your debt issue would be a better option than bankruptcy filing. Hence, you must go through a consume credit counseling before you comes to the conclusion that bankruptcy is an appropriate option.