Is There A Small Business Loan From Government ? Yes, Here’s Why Canadian SBL Loans Work !

If we had to separate some of the major confusion surround two to three key areas of the small business loan from government in Canada , aka ‘ SBL loans ‘ it would be quite easy, as clients seem continually mis informed about some of the key attributes and benefits of this program .

Let’s get ‘ small ‘ out of the way first. The Canadian SBL loan underwritten by the government (more about that later!) actually goes to $ 500,000.00 dollars from a lending limit. That’s one of the initial sources of confusion for our clients… because the 500k amount refers solely to your utilization of the facility for a real estate deal. All other transaction under the program is capped at 350,000.00$.

In many cases it actually might make sense to do a real estate deal under SBL loans. For example your 10% required equity under the program is significantly less than the 25- 30% or more that is required by other lending institutions under a conventional mortgage scenario.

We’ve done a calc and a 500k mortgage utilizing the SBL would run you around 5500 a month for a commercial transaction. That is a higher payment than a longer amortized commercial mortgage but consider the fact also that your required permanent own equity into the deal is only 10%, and you personal guarantee under the program is actually only 25%. Try getting that lower personal guarantee from another commercial lender… we dont think you’ll be able to.

Let’s circle back again to what the word small means in a small business loan from government sources. The program, which actually is officially called the BIL /CSBF program actually stipulates that your current or projected revenues cannot exceed 5 Million dollars per annum.

As you can imagine, and as we experience, that covers thousands of business in Canada that should be accessing the program, but either aren’t aware of it or don’t fully understand some of the rules and guidelines of the program .Oh, and by the way, almost 7500 Canadian firms used the program in 2010… so somebody out there, including your competitors perhaps?.. accessed over 957,000,000.00$ in capital in 2010. So we think it’s about time you got on board.

We think the program works for a couple of great reasons… it usually can finance companies who would not otherwise be able to receive traditional financing – aka your ‘ friendly chartered bank ‘ , and , secondly, it covers the financing of assets that you need to grow ( or start ) your business .

The two main asset categories that the program finances are equipment and leasehold improvements. That covers a lot of what you need to be successful. And by the way things such as computer software are covered under the program also. as that generally falls under the equipment category.

So as a Canadian small business owner do you feel challenged on whats available and how to proceed to successfully execute on SBL loans financing. Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor on why the small business loan from government, aka ‘ the SBL ‘ will help your firm go to the next stage of its growth or development.