Is the Law of Attraction a New Age Myth?

Have you been one of those people who has been swept up in the huge publicity that has been part of recent coverage on the Law of Attraction? Or are you one of its critics?

Everyone you talk to seems to have seen the “The Secret” DVD, or read articles about it and its message. However, not everyone seems to be of the same opinion. “The Secret” was already a sales success before Oprah did her show and publicised by Ellen DeGeneres and other well-known media people. While the high profile media seem to love the product and the whole concept of the law of attraction, some reporters and writers in daily newspapers or weekly magazines seem to take a different view.

One reporter, who admitted she had not even seen “The Secret” DVD, nonetheless felt qualified to write a long article on it and totally denigrate it. Some of her comments were that it seemed to be a re-hash of self-help books across the ages and that its core philosophy is positive thinking, loving yourself and giving yourself permission, and goes on to say “Let’s stop before we gag”. This reporter did watch the Oprah show however, but did not feel that Oprah’s guests had “two novel ideas to rub together”.

I certainly would not deny that the law of attraction has been around for as long as man has been on the earth and that various principles based on the law of attraction have been incorporated in many self-help programs over the last few decades. And certainly some of the courses which taught these principles in the past could definitely be considered to be on the “fringe”.

However, what is refreshing about “The Secret” is that it brings these ideas out into the mainstream. No longer are they on the fringe, they are becoming accepted into everyday life. All the speakers who appear on the DVD are prominent leaders in their own fields but have also experienced the power of the law of attraction in their everyday lives.

The main principles as listed on “The Secret” official website are that:

“Money is magnetic energy. You are a magnet attracting to you all things, via the signal you are emitting through your thoughts and feelings. Discover how to become a powerful magnet for the creation of personal wealth.”

“Relationships can be completely transformed, no matter what they’re like right now. Learn how to transform every single relationship you have in your life.”

“Concerned about your health? Explore ways to open yourself up and become a powerful magnet to wellness and health starting from wherever you are now.”

So basically you attract to yourself what is in your thoughts that you carry around in your subconscious. However, fortunately we can have control over our subconscious and can change what is happening in our lives through visualization of what we would like to achieve or have in life.

Sure, there are going to be sceptics! But I have watched the DVD two or three times and practise visualization techniques myself. It can be hard work but fortunately there are several good programs available to help you to be successful in this process.

Copyright (c) 2007 Mike Jennings