Is Online Dating Cheating

The Great Debate: Is Online Dating Really Cheating?

If someone merely chats with another online and never makes the effort to engage in any sort of physical relationship, can you really say that the individual is cheating? That question is truly a matter of debate. While most couples would agree that there is a sort of emotional infidelity that takes place when a partner engages in love-related conversation on a long-term basis with another, some couples hold their ground and say that as long as neither party acts upon an interest, then no cheating has taken place.

When it comes to committed relationships, there is a meeting of minds as well as a physical union. Those folks that believe that online cheating is not really cheating subscribe to the belief that cheating is necessarily physical. Therefore, any conversation or communication is merely a sort of fantasy that could even help to strengthen a relationship.

However, the other side of the debate is that when there is an emotional bond that is allowed to be developed online with an online suitor, the cheater detracts from his relationship with his significant other in an unhealthy way and is truly cheating. Not only has he or she diverged from the healthy relationship, but he jeopardizes losing a partner.

What do you do if you are tempted to cheat?

When it comes to finding love and partnership online, there are a number of places that you can turn to if you do not wish to cheat. You may be lonely and simply looking for some sort of friendship or companionship that you do not receive from your spouse. Or perhaps you have an interest in a certain hobby that your spouse does not share.

Instead of looking for a significant other with which to share life’s pleasures, take time to look for a local interest group – either online or through a community organization. It is important to you establish individuality from your mate, no matter how much you love him or her. But while establishing that individuality, you must maintain your loyalty to the bond that you share.

Seek same-sex friends or friends that you will not get involved in any sort of romantic relationship with. Find hobbies that involve groups of people, rather than one-on-one events. It is also important that you keep your spouse in the loop so that he or she does not feel isolated from your life. After all, you have committed to sharing life together, and this includes and interest in the private side of each other’s life.