Is Now the Right Time to Buy Towels?

Hotels with spas and pools are often well sought after, especially during the peak summer months as you would expect.

Avoid the summer rush:

The complimentary use of towels, slippers and bathrobes, as well as any other additional items can really create a very positive impression of your hotel and in many cases can differentiate it from the rest in your area. Of course, though the beginning of the year tends to be relatively slow and quiet in the UK hotel industry, it does provide people with the time to prepare for the busier periods ahead.

So, our advice is – get your towels, slippers and bathrobes now so you won’t have to endure the mad rush later on in the year, when you could be concentrating on other things. Also, because of the time of year, fewer people are looking to buy towels in such large volumes at the moment. This means that you may be able to get your order faster and not have to wait in queue like you would later on in the year. If for instance you need embroidering, this can take time and effort and slow your towel order down at a busier time of the year, when you’ll probably need them most urgently.


For spas especially, a good selection of slippers, bathrobes and large bath towels can really distinguish yourselves from other businesses, making your establishment seem like an even more attractive option than it already is.

High quality linen and towels are perfect for people who just want to enjoy a pleasant experience in your hotel. They create a sense of luxury because your guests will most certainly notice how no detail has been overlooked. In fact, most people that are comfortable with a little luxury may expect your hotel to have a large bath towel at least, if not also slippers and a bathrobe too.

Time of Year:

The fact you have brand new towels stocked up and ready to use earlier in the year will be appreciated by the customers who may still want to enjoy the pool and the other amenities you offer during the quieter periods. New towels have a certain sumptuous feel and will create that comfort noticed when the weather is especially cold outside.

By adding to your towelling collection now, you have the peace of mind that you’re ready for summer, and if you require more towels you can order them later on in smaller quantities.

So think about looking for towels, slippers and bathrobes now. It ensure you are prepared for the year ahead, so you can concentrate on keeping your hotel as busy as possible during the summer months.