Is Life Path Unlimited An Illegal Pyramid?

Life Path Unlimited began in 2006 with a vision to empower entrepreneurs with an opportunity to create wealth and the tools, training, and systems to help them accomplish their vision.

Life Path Unlimited is a network marketing company, although it is better classified under the Top Tier category of direct sales companies.

The total investment to get involved with LPU at the highest level is $25,955.95 (This does not include other business expenses such as advertising, webhosting for your marketing system, and other various business costs.

It’s important to mention that this price is subject to change at any time, and may have been updated since this article has been published. You can see the official Life Path Unlimited website for details.

People often wonder if there is an income cap in Life Path Unlimited. Life Path Unlimited doesn’t limit your potential with a commission cap, however your ability to earn is limited to the confines of their compensation plan, which is based on four levels of direct sales. Because of the initial cost of becoming a LPU associate, there is potential to earn significant up front earnings based off of the recruitment of others and sales of the Life Path educational programs.

If you’re wondering if Life Path Unlimited is a scam, it falls within the FTC regulations for being a legitimate home based business opportunity, and cannot in any way be classified as a scam.

Is it a good idea for you to join LPU? While I don’t really like Top Tier opportunities, that decision is ultimately up to you. The reason I won’t get involved isn’t because these aren’t lucrative businesses. In fact, Top Tier programs provide a way to make fast, significant income.

However, the very first question I ask myself when evaluating an opportunity is if I would be interested in purchasing the product involved even if I wasn’t going to join the business. The problem with Life Path from my perspective is that there is absolutely no way I would spend that kind of money on what they’re providing. Now don’t get me wrong, I spend more than $20,000 a year on personal development anyways – without being involved in a Top Tier company.

Would you rather go to a Tony Robbins event for $500 or a Life Path Unlimited conference for $15k? What makes more sense for your personal and professional growth? Or maybe I could spend that money on internet marketing courses to market my actual business.

To break it down to a basic formula – I can get more value if I spend my money elsewhere. This is the litmus test of a MLM company – does the product stand on it’s own? Sometimes people just get involved in an opportunity because they’re blinded by the quick buck – and the product is only there to pass money around a small group of people.

I do believe that the LPU products provide value, it’s just that since I wouldn’t pay for it myself (as I would rather pay for competing, higher value and less costly products) I simply couldn’t justify getting involved with it just to make a buck.

Do you have a different experience, however? If you really believe in Life Path Unlimited, I would encourage you to keep marketing their personal development products, because that says that you feel that the products do have significant value that justifies the cost.