Is it Time to Quit Your Current Job?

You are thinking of quitting your job. But resigning from your current job should not be a decision make haphazardly though, because it may have big impact on your life. You should think carefully and take various factors into consideration before you finalize your decision and submit your resignation letter to your superior. Here are some situations that may trigger the right time for you to go for a new job:

1. Your job makes you sick

You feel overwhelming stresses on your current job and it makes feel headaches and backaches. You are trying very hard to work out the problem but unfortunately you failed. You are losing your sleep and impacting your health and living norm. Under this situation, you probably want to prioritize your health first by finding a new job and change to new working environment.

2. You have been marginalized

You have been taken away many of your responsibilities without any reason. Your boss does not trust you like before anymore. You are excluded from important meetings and just being assigned with unimportant works that will only contribute very little scores on your year end job evaluation for promotion or salary increment. You should talk to your boss to find out the reasons before you do anything, but be aware that your boss may be urging you to leave. If the situation seems like won’t improve, then it may be the right time to take the hint and find a new job.

3. You receive a better offer elsewhere

If you are given opportunities, you definitely want to move to as higher level as possible in your career which enables you to enjoy better income and lifestyle. Along our career path, there will be many opportunities opened to you and if you get an offer that attract you very much and the prospective position seems to be a good fit for you, then you should give it a serious consideration.

4. You have outgrown your job requirement

You have gained a lot of experience in your current job and you find that your experience is beyond your job requirement but there is no opportunity for you to move up and no room for you to utilize your experience. Then, you probably need to find the opportunity elsewhere.

5. Your job is interfering with your family obligations

Sometimes it’s hard to balance between job and family, but with some scarification and tolerance, many parents still able to achieve some degree of balancing between their job and their family obligations. But, if your job requires you to spend too much of your time and cause you losing focus on your family obligations, then you might want to find other job that has fixed working schedule or consider an alternative work option like working from home.

In summary, quitting job or change job is a norm for one’s career life, but if you are thinking of quitting your current job due to any reason, don’t make haphazardly decision until you have considered all potential impacts on your life.