Is it Matt Dillon or are you carrying 45s ?

If you been around the network marketing business for more than a couple months you are certain to know your business will not build itself magically. In fact, your business will NOT grow unless you or someone in your organization takes action. That is Massive action. Remember what you do today normally will show up and pay off in 90 days. Oh yes that another article. Back to the colt 45 kid and the power of his 45s. Unfortunately, no one will build your business for you. so if you truly want success, you must take the bull by the horns and get in the action. This means stepping outside your comfort zone.

I know stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy. In fact, sometimes it is difficult to even take the first step. But to truly succeed, you have to be the one to make a commitment to yourself and to your business. This commitment must be a commitment to not accept mediocre results. Your commitment must be to take consistent action and accept the fact it is up to you to take action to get the results you want. To build a solid long term residual based business, you need to build on a solid foundation. That foundation can only built by you. This means you have to begin learning the skills to take action and take those actions consistently over a sustained period of time. If you are unwilling to take such action, you don’t belong in the business. You belong in just a job.

In my discussion, I talked about how many times people try to get consistent in action but have trouble in staying consistent. The question came to mind of why this happens. I dug deep and revealed the fact that there needs to be balance in action and action needs to be consistent to ensure results are achieved with any strategy. It seems most people are not taking a proper level of action, meaning they are keeping busy but the actions they take to work with prospects is limited. This can be a result of many things including undeveloped skills in prospecting and recruiting. The first step in evaluating level of action is to do a 6 week test of your actions. This means tracking your actions for 6 weeks and that the actions taken must be at a minimum level (your benchmark). Anything less then that minimum will not give you a true reading of what it takes you to sponsor one person into your business.

What is the 45s?

The 45s is a principle, somewhat like a mathematical principle. Basically, the 45 (for short) works to keep a consistent level of action as a balance point to create action results. When prospecting there is a certain level of minimum action required to create the momentum needed to create results. When we are talking of the 45s, we are referring to making a minimum of 45 dials of the phone each week. The number 45 works almost magically as any number of dials less than 45 will not create the momentum of your personal action, thus producing less than desired results. While skill development is essential in enhancing overall results, lack of action will always yield a poor result. It is extremely important to maintain a minimum standard of performance in your actions. Overtime, if you maintain the minimum standard of action taken, your skills will improve. the results improve as well. The 45s are real. Based on national averages, we know that out of 45 dials, you will get 15 completed calls. That is a call where some one will talk to you and not just leaving a messege on the answering machince. This does not count. Of those 15 completed calls, you will get 5 appointments (prospects interested in taking a closer look). Of the 5 appointments, you will get 1 new downline. Now that is a national average. You may perform above or below that average. The average marketer with average skills will maintain that average. So, doing less than 45 dials (per week)( I do 45 dials a day)will keep overall results low. Maintaining 45 or more dials a week will have you recruiting a minimum of one person a week.

A Few Tips to Remember When Applying the 45s

•Don’t Forget the Selling Cycle!

It is extremely important to NOT forget about your selling cycle, which is the average amount of time it takes your prospect to reach a decision. In most network marketing companies, to get a new subscriber it takes 21 to 30 days. This 21 to 30 days is our selling cycle. Yours may be quicker or slower. What matters is you take the selling cycle into consideration when you are marketing. You see, what most people do is they forget about the selling cycle. They take one week and make 45 dials and see they did not get one new person. So what do they do? They quit taking action and start searching to improve other areas.The fact is it will take time for the selling cycle to kick in. This means you MUST stay consistent with a minimum of 45 dials for a number of weeks before you start to see the results. That is why we recommend tracking for 6 weeks before making your overall plan of action on a long term basis. You must first understand what it takes YOU to sponsor one person. Again remember what you do today will pay of in 90 days!

•Track Your Progress!

Form a habit of tracking consistently. This will help you understand your personal ratios in prospecting and recruiting. Remember that you cannot improve what you do not know. Tracking should be done daily to ensure daily action is taken. Use daily and weekly tracking sheets.

•Use a Contact Management Program!

Using a contact management program will help you stay on top of your follow-up and helps you make efficient use of your time. There are many web based and software programs on the market. I personally use Outlook 2007! which is designed specifically for sales people. A good contact management program will allow you to track actions as well as note histories. This helps you recall prior conversations with prospects. In addition, your contact program should allow for you to keep a calendar and schedule your time.

•The 45s Works If You Put It to Work For You!

Keep in mind that you are at the controls of your business. You are responsible and accountable for your own personal growth or failure. The 45s works if you put it to work for you in your business. What that means is you must take the necessary actions in your business consistently. To make a minimum of 45 dials of the phone a week and consistently over time you will see results in your business. Do NOT worry about getting everything right as you get started. Just get yourself in the action. Over time, your skills will improve as well as the results. Put the 45s into your action plan today! Be sure to track your actions and do the 45s and watch the business grow and grow larger than you ever thought.

Copyright (c) 2007 Robin Rushlo