Is it a Hobby or a Business?

During a recent coaching session with a client, we came to what I will refer to as a “crossroads” in the conversation. I call this point of the conversation a “crossroads” because it is where I asked a question that could lead the rest of the session down two different paths. One path could be one of really finding out if what you desire is what you really believe is possible. The other path could be one of discovering that none of what you are doing is what you really want at all.

I asked this question: “Are you starting a new hobby or a new business?” There was silence for what seemed like a whole minute. I repeated the question. I began to wonder if I hit a nerve with this bold question. Let me share some more information that built up to this moment.

A common theme I have seen emerge with some people is that they say they want to make some more money, payoff debt, and create a successful business. The key word in that last sentence is the word “say”. Saying and doing are two different things. We can say all kinds of things. What is the real difference between doing and saying? A lot!

I’ll call this group of people who say they want these things the Sayers’. The Sayers do have an intention in creating a new business and making money. They may even want a lifestyle that is higher than the one that they enjoy presently. The one thing the Sayers don’t say is how and when they are going to do it or even start it.

What are they missing and what is the reason they are missing it? What I mean is “What is really the difference between a Doer’ and a Sayer’?” What makes someone create and dive into a project or business and someone else not take action? What’s missing? Is it the plan or is it commitment to the project? Maybe it’s both of those. Jim Rohn has said “I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacations with better care than they plan their lives. Perhaps that is because escape is easier than change.”

I believe change is what is at the core of most of this. The same old routine of getting up, eating breakfast, going to work, coming home and just hanging out on the weekend is a comfort zone many have settled into and can be difficult to change. Making a powerful choice to block out some time for your new business, even if it is only a few hours a week, can be uncomfortable for some people. It takes you a step away from that old comfortable life and can even add a bit of anxiety of what may happen. You may wonder Will it payoff when the work goes into the business?’ Life may never be the same or there may never be a chance to go back to that old comfort level. The truth is…you won’t WANT to go back to the old comfort zone.

So I’ll ask the question again. Are you starting a new hobby or a new business? A hobby is something we pour money into for our personal enjoyment. A new business is something that is built to make money. The distinctions are very clear on the surface; it’s the unknown below the surface that must be examined. If what you really have is a hobby then just sit back and have fun. If it’s a business then commit your time and take action. Time that is spent working on your new business will payoff and it’s the first choice that must be made on your path to success.