Is Integrity Lost???

What happened to integrity? It seems to have gone the way of the buggy whip. Today so many people think they are going to get “ripped off” “scammed” or “taken” when ever they are looking at online businesses or opportunities. There is a perception that no one has integrity any more. Well, that just isn’t the case.

I have learned over time… It is the thief, who thinks everyone steals, and the liar, who thinks everyone lies…with the converse also being true.

Today on the internet, sure there are scams out there and yes, people lose money sometimes…but not everything on the internet is a scam. It would be like saying that every offering on eBay is “too good to be true” or every commercial offering on TV is unrealistic.

Trust and integrity is something that you need to earn, by giving it first… If you don’t want to be scammed, don’t scam anyone and don’t think you are getting scammed…it is a known fact that you get what you think about the most! Unless it’s a Nigerian bank official offering you $100,000,000 if you send him $3000…which doesn’t make any sense what-so-ever… If you see a business that does make sense to you…go for it and make it work.

The challenge is that when people see offerings on the internet, they expect them to just deposit mountains of money into their bank account…and when they don’t (in the first week)… it MUST BE A SCAM… Anyone in their right mind knows that all legitimate businesses take work. If you think you can engage in an internet business and not work at it and still make money…well then, you are scamming yourself.

This is where personal integrity comes in. If you want to find a business, brick and mortar or online, you need to have the integrity to follow your desire.

As an internet entrepreneur, I take what I do seriously. Just like a Doctor or a Lawyer, what I do, I do with integrity and professionalism. So many times, people think that internet marketers are scam-artists; looking for the next quick sale from some unknowing ‘dup’…when in fact the people I associate with have the highest level of integrity, honor and caring for the people and their results…more so than in most industries.

It may have been J.D. Rockefeller that once say, “Never trust a man in business, that does not benefit from your success”. Nothing describes the network marketing and direct sales industries better…people benefiting for other peoples “successes”.

In most “off line” businesses, people are “pitted” against each other…and told to compete for the prize… I recently saw a TV show where a couple got engaged on the way to work, they ran into the boss as they got to work who told them that they were in competition for the promotion. The woman ended up “winning” and the man broke off the engagement…all within one week… sure it was TV, but I am sure it happens in real life too. Two perfectly happy people were torn apart by corporate competition and a distorted view of what is right and wrong. In the online world, more and more, people are offering insights, ideas and programs to assist others in building their business. Sure sometimes they want to get paid for it…no problem, they should, while others give freely of their time.

In some businesses, there is a community developed where leaders assent to a place where they share their ideas and programs with everyone in the organization. This is where integrity is at it apex. In many Network Marketing, MLM and Direct Sales companies, sharing of information is commonplace in the “corporate culture”, so much that when people leave those industries and enter the “real world”, they are disheartened by the lack of cooperation and camaraderie.

My hope is that the next time you come across an internet business opportunity, and you wonder if it’s a scam or not…don’t think about it being a scam… Think about who you are and what you want. Think about if the business is right for you. Think about if the business makes sense to you, fits your life style, provides you a feeling of community, bringing you a sense of excitement, a strong comp plan with a continuous residual income stream and a real opportunity to influence others??? If it meets those needs, then you will know what to do.

So, integrity is more about who you are, and what you desire. Integrity is about giving trust, and allowing it to come back to you. Integrity is about the anticipation and the expectation that others will deal with you in a way you would want them to, and how you would deal with them. Integrity isn’t Lost… it’s just not being used by enough people. If you become one who uses it, pass it on…it will make the world a better place.

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