Is inflammation preventing Adult Stem Cells from doing their job in your body?

Inflammation, from the Latin word inflammatio meaning set on fire, is a process used by the body to protect itself. We mostly associate red, painful and swollen skin which has occurred after a bite or splinter with it and is commonly regarded as acute inflammation.

This process of inflammation is a necessary and vital one for health. Without it, the body would be unable to protect itself and initiate the assistance of white blood cells and the immune system. With all functions of the body, there needs to be balance, but unfortunately many people suffer from chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation differs from acute inflammation in that it is undetected, constant and happens silently in the background. It also causes disruption to the normal function of cells. Chronic inflammation then, is responsible for a whole range of health related problems.

The problems caused by chronic inflammation unfortunately do not end there. It appears that the bodies natural system of renewal — adult stem cells — is hampered by chronic inflammation. At the cellular level, chronic inflammation confuses the adult stem cells and makes it difficult for them to go where they’re needed because it appears everywhere is signaling them. A good example would be trying to hear one person in a full stadium when everyone is shouting.

There are many causes of chronic inflammation such as environmental factors, genetics, general lifestyle and the presence of any pathogens. While some of these are hard to control, many are within our control. For example poor sleep, stress, bad diet and lack of exercise can all be improved.

An inflammatory diet is one that consists of saturated fats, trans fats, sweetener, alcohol, dairy, sodas, red meat, MSG, nuts, sugar and white flour. For many people, their diet consists entirely of these foods. An anti-inflammatory diet on the other hand, includes vegetables (leafy greens), fish and fish oil, flax seed, fruit (pineapple, mango, papaya), oats, seaweed, barley and olive oil. Changes to diet can significantly improve chronic inflammation for sufferers, but a simple way is to supplement with a concentrate of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA).

AFA has a similar spectrum to wheatgrass and spiulina giving it anti-inflammatory properties, but unlike the others, also has the added effect of increasing the number of circulating stem cells in your bloodstream by 25% with just two capsules. This extra support is just the thing your natural repair system needs to maintain the balance between breakdown and renewal and may assist those suffering from chronic inflammation.