Is iLearningGlobal The Right Opportunity For You?

What is iLearningGlobal?

Simply put, iLearningGlobal is a Network Marketing opportunity that makes professional growth simple, exciting, and more effective than ever by providing 24/7 access to streaming HDTV from the best thinkers and trainers of our time.

How is iLearningGlobal different from every other MLM opportunity out there?

iLearningGlobal is a different breed of company – plain and simple. In a world saturated with juice products, vitamins, travel companies, and 14,000 other ‘me too’ offers, there is NOTHING that remotely resembles iLearningGlobal.

As a professional network marketer, I get approached by at least 5 new businesses a week, and let me tell you almost all of the companies that started in 2009 are pure hype machines that are destined to fall apart at the seams. iLearningGlobal is a reality based, real opportunity that offers ridiculous, long term residual income at every level of the pay plan.

The first question you should ask about MLM is the ‘acid-test’ of any legitimate home based business:

This is the most important thing that I ever talk about, people get sick of hearing it, but it is simply the truth of this industry. When you’re looking to get involved in an opportunity, your first question shouldn’t be about what the company comp plan is like, it should be:

“If there was NOT an opportunity attached to this product, WOULD THE PRODUCT STAND ON IT’S OWN?”

To me, it’s a ridiculous concept that people will get involved in an MLM and proceed to sell a product that there’s no chance they would ever buy if they weren’t trying to get rich. When they don’t make any money, they quit and cancel their autoship if they don’t absolutely LOVE the product.

Why is this the most important? Because if a product doesn’t stand on it’s own, it doesn’t matter how much money you make this year, because in 2 years that company has a 99% chance of being out of business and your check will go from ‘hero’ to ‘zero’. The great thing about iLearningGlobal is that people are actually buying the product even if they don’t get involved in the MLM opportunity. Professional people, laymen, and I’ve even had some Pastors buy the product to enrich their own professional and personal growth! To put it simply – the product stands on it’s own.

Are you wondering if iLearningGlobal is a scam?

iLearningGlobal is one of the most legitimate, value providing MLM opportunities that you’ll ever run into in the world of Network Marketing and Home Business. Several Network Marketing programs are in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission right now because there has been too much recruiting without any real product sales – the first indicator of an illegal pyramid structure. We just had more than 200 insurance agencies on the East Coast come on board for our iLearningGlobal EDGE program (in our organization, mind you) just to train their sales staff and improve office productivity – once again, the product stands on it’s own. Quite frankly, not only is iLearningGlobal a legit MLM company, but it is the best chance that I’ve seen in the last seven years to create not just a significant income, but a significant, passive income that comes in every month – regardless of whether you go to work ever again or not.

Should you join the ILG mastermind marketing team? That’s a decision that you’re going to have to make on your own. However, if you’re looking for a way to create an income working from home, this is the best opportunity that I’ve ever seen to create residual wealth, and I encourage you to do your research, find the right team for you, and sign up with an individual who can help you achieve your dreams in this AWESOME profession of network marketing. This is a special time and I encourage you to take advantage of it.