Is Homeschooling the right decision for your Family?

Is Homeschooling the right decision for your Family?

Concern for your children’s education is often the driving force behind a parent’s decision to homeschool their children. Home schooling requires a parent or caregiver to take full responsibility for the education that their child or children will receive outside of the traditional parameters of the classroom. If you are considering homeschooling as an option, you likely have many questions and concerns. Consider the following topics as you make your decision to homeschool your children:

1. Are both parents in agreement?

Homeschooling your children is a significant decision to make, and it is important that both parents are in agreement with regards to the decision. If one parent is not supportive, it can make the entire process very challenging.

2. How does your child feel about homeschooling?

It is not only important for both parents to feel comfortable and to be in agreement with homeschooling, but it is also vital that you speak with your child or children to also gain commitment. When you speak to them, talk about why you feel that this decision is the best decision and try to encourage an open discussion. It will make the entire learning process very challenging if your child or children are not in agreement with the decision.

3. Do you feel like you will be able to provide the necessary teaching to your child?

Homeschooling your children will require that one of the parents or the caregivers will need to teach subjects such as language arts, reading and writing, and other subject matters. Do you feel prepared to educate your children on these topics?

4. Do you have the time available to make the commitment?

When you are considering homeschooling, ensure that you realize that it is a full time responsibility. You are in essence replacing their current education with a home based curriculum. Make sure that you dedicate the time to spend preparing for lessons and for teaching your children.

5. Do you have a plan on how you will still be able to provide socialization opportunities for your child or children?

If you select homsechooling as an option, your children will be less likely to be around other students as they would in a traditional classroom setting. Consider ways that your children will still have exposure to other children in activities such as sports, music or other community activities. Not only is this healthy for the child’s development, but it is also a way to make the transition easier.

6. Have you considered how homeschooling will affect your household financially?

While it is very possible to find homeschooling materials for low costs and even for free, the most significant financial decision will be that the primary educator will likely be unable to have employment outside of the home unless it is during the evenings and on weekends. It is important to carefully consider the financial impact of the decision to homeschool on the entire family.

7. Have you developed a plan to manage your existing household responsibilities along with homeschooling as well as a space in the house that will accommodate?

If you currently are staying home to manage your household and you are considering taking on the added responsibility of homeschooling, make sure that you have considered a plan to not let the other responsibilities of yours go by the way side. Proper time management will be necessary to keep your home in the order in which you desire.