Is he the Right One

He’s a Keeper If…(Ways to Sift Through Until You Find the Right Person)

Dating is one of those things that you have to do a lot of until you get it right. Sometimes if doesn’t matter if you date a lot of people or if you date the right person a lot of times, but in order to perfect it, you need to commit to the process of getting to know and blend your life with someone else.

Here are a few ways to know if the guy you are dating is a keeper:

1. He hasn’t forgotten his manners, even after several months together.
Many relationships turn complacent after several months of dating. Your man is high quality and worth the commitment if he still has his manners after several months of dating. When he still opens the car door and extends his energy to make sure that you feel special, you know that he is worth the commitment. Furthermore, you know that he has committed to making you happy – which is worth investing in.

2. He plans fun dates.
When your guy plans a fun date, you know that he is interested in surprising you and seeing you happy. Create guys are the best guys because they show that they have a spark of originality and talent. If your guys doesn’t plan dates, it doesn’t mean that you should break up with him right away, but make sure you tell him the importance of sharing new and fun experiences with him. Experiment by taking him on fun dates that you plan and execute. It will give him an idea of what you’re looking for from a night out on the town.

3. He listens.
The number one thing that is important to a solid, long-lasting relationship is having good communication. The key to good communication is listening. It is not in the nature of the male to listen, as men are problem solvers and doers. However, it is essential that your man listen to you if you are going to build a relationship that lasts.

4. He’s patient.
Women around the world value a patient man. Men that are patient show care, respect and love that transcend arguments and even small disagreements. Women need to feel cherished, and like they are worth any wait that the man has to endure. Therefore, if your man understands this essential need, he will help you establish a long-lasting bond together.