Is Gratitude Your Attitude?

Have you ever had a moment in your life when everything around you just seemed negative, hopeless, and doomed?

Of course you have, otherwise you wouldn’t be human!

We all have encountered – and will continue to do so – situations and circumstances that just feel disheartening, overwhelming and maybe even paralyzing. In times like this, we might tend to ask ourselves one or even all of the following questions:

Why does this always happen to me? Why do things have to be so difficult? What’s the point of me trying so hard when all I ever do seems to end up in a complete disaster?

If you have ever dwelled on any of the above – which you probably have – then I would like to encourage you to pause for a moment.

Think about it :

Did these questions encourage you to move toward a much more positive state of mind ? Or, and this is far more likely, did they simply make you feel sorry for yourself ?


Also, do you truly believe that you are the only one who struggles ?

I mean, really?

If you do ,then I suggest that you wake up and stop taking yourself so seriously ! Every single person on this planet goes through difficult times , and life can be very tough for all of us.

But what could have happened if you had asked yourself a whole set of different questions when going through a challenging phase? Questions that would have been more empowering? For example:

What is the lesson to be learned from this situation? What is this really trying to show me ? How can I turn things around ? How can I stop this from happening ? And also, is there maybe a much deeper meaning to this that I don’t yet understand?

I can assure you that the outcome would have been a lot more fruitful. Tony Robbins once said that life is like a game of Jeopardy – all the solutions and all the answers are already within you, you only need to ask the right questions. Aha………..interesting!

But let’s delve a little bit deeper…

What did we focus on when we asked ourselves the first set of questions? That’s right, on all the things that were wrong with our lives !

But hang on Vanessa, should we just ignore those bad feelings and live in a state of denial?

Of course not – allow yourself to feel the pain, acknowledge it , do everything in your power to heal it, and then clean up your act and move on.


By implementing the lessons learned, and starting to focus on all the positive things in your life !

I can hear a few people complaining now, saying things like :

“What on earth is she talking about ? My life is bad ! Besides, I am single, I am broke, and I hate my job ! Why don’t the council just do something ? Anyway, the world is full of criminals and terrorists ! How can anyone in their right mind be positive ? How can anyone bring children into this world ? These people have just lost the plot !”


If that’s you, then I would like to encourage you to re-think, and consider the following:

What have you got in your life that you could – and in my personal opinion should – be really grateful for? How about your health? And the fact that you got somewhere to live? The fact that you got food on your table on a daily basis? A lot of people haven’t got that. How about the electricity and hot water that you have in your home?

You might think that electricity and hot water aren’t anything special, and that you ought to have them anyway.

Why do you think that? Many people haven’t got them and never will do.

How about your family ? Your friends, or even the one good and loyal friend that you have? Your pet, who loves you unconditionally ? Your eyesight , which enables you to read this blog at this very moment ? Your faith, your love, your generosity ? Your promising future, your furniture, your car, your job, your business, your ideas ? Your strength to overcome difficult times ? Your freedom?

Also, do you really have to go along with all the negative stuff ? And do you want to? Or could you be part of a different , more positive kind of evolution altogether ?


Remember,it’s your decision whether you want to fall asleep in front of the television every night, or whether you want to surround yourself with positive people and read empowering books. It’s your decision whether you want to blame and complain, or whether you want to sit by a stream and meditate. Furthermore, it is not only your decision, it is also your responsibility.

But what do you mean by that? What does responsibility really stand for ? Responsibility is our ability to respond to life in a constructive, mature and positive manner.

Why not start and take some responsibility now ?

Make a list of all the things that you are grateful for, and review it from time to time. This will help you to completely shift your focus , and show you that the universe is actually supporting and nurturing you, rather than holding you back.

Whatever you are grateful for will grow in your life – guaranteed.

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