Is God Part of Your Marketing Strategy? Part 1

Is this a stupid question? Absolutely not, the reason God MUST become part of your business is widely apparent, but not always practiced by new business owners. The fact that God is key to your success as a business owner can be demonstrated by revealing the fact that the vast majority of successful entrepreneurs’ business success is linked to their individual beliefs in God. When I got started marketing on the Internet, God was not part of my business and did not play a large part in my life either. Not surprisingly I struggled and nearly quit my home based business. I was in business to get rich, not to help people. However, since then, as I have pursued and become more successful in various high income business opportunities, God has become more and more prevalent in my work and life. In my relationships with highly successful Internet business owners (my personal mentors) a common thread has become apparent that each of these individuals, without exception, has an unshakable belief in God. Why is this? What is it that makes these highly successful people believe in God and how can your own beliefs help you become successful in business and life too? What role does God play to help you become successful running your own business? I’d like to explore this common thread and give you some easily applicable techniques to integrate faith into your business strategy without being bombastic or fanatical.

Why would you want to integrate God into your business strategy anyway? It’s simple. Success only truly comes when you work from your soul. William Blake, the English poet and artist says, “I myself do nothing. The Holy Spirit accomplishes all through me.” If you can begin to see your personal creativity as God’s voice speaking through you, you will be a giant step closer to seeing your business explode. If you can train yourself to organize your business and spark creative ideas for your business through the conception of God prodding you on and driving you toward loftier goals and accomplishments than you ever dreamed possible. This has been called many things including “divine purpose.” The poet Dylan Thomas provides an excellent definition of “divine purpose” that we can use, “the force that through the green fuse drives the flower.” Do you think the flower has any concept of what it’s ultimate goal in life is? Do you? Does the flower stop growing just because it doesn‘t have the perfect amount of water or sunlight? Are you going to stop pursuing your purpose just because you are struggling in your business or your life? If you are not pursuing your true aspirations of being a highly successful business owner, or you are a business owner who is constantly searching for a new EASY way to make money on the Internet, you are NOT listening to God or your “ultimate purpose.” BUSINESS SUCCESS IS NOT EASY. You must use your common sense here. Why do you think 98% of home businesses never make one red cent? Because they are marketing the wrong product? No! If you are marketing your business the right way you can sell sand to a camel and have hundreds of customers lining up to buy again and again. Home based business owners fail because they don’t receive the right training and mentorship to run a highly successful business, they lose their commitment and they quit. The keys to your business success are:

1. Integrate God Into Your Business Strategy.

2. Find a Support System. Seek Out Mentors and Colleagues Who Encourage and Support You to Achieve Your Goals. Find People Who Have Attained a Level of Success that You Hope To Replicate and Model Your Business Strategy After Theirs.

3. Stay Motivated and Committed to Your “Divine Purpose” in Business.

The formula to success is simple and intuitive when you break it down. If you can turn your business over to God‘s proven desire to see you succeed and can trust in a higher power to guide you along your path to business success, you will have hurdled the biggest obstacle that most new business owners face: the temptation to quit their business when confronted by difficulties, setbacks (i.e. lack of results). If you can simply believe in your “divine purpose” your business is no longer yours to quit, it is God’s; you have been put in charge of your business not simply by and for your self, but to fulfill the will of God’s plan for you and desire to see you succeed. If you can begin to feel God in your everyday business activities, hardships will never cause you to doubt your ultimate goal, setbacks will only strengthen your resolve, and small successes will only prod you to achieve more.

Entrepreneurs are a different sort of folk. Though they tend to be driven and skilled workers, entrepreneurs don’t tend to make the best employees because they are constantly looking for better ways to do things and solve the problems presented to them by their jobs. Translate your feelings of dissatisfaction in your job to a mind-set that God is telling you that there are bigger plans for you. More on God’s role in your business strategy in next weeks article. Let me leave you with a quote from The Work of The Chariot: “When a Man Takes One Step Toward God. God Takes More Steps Toward That Man Than There Are Sands in the World’s of Time.” Take that step in your business strategy this week and see how your life changes.