Is Frequent Heartburn an Indicator of Possible Cancer?

Studies have shown that 7-10% of people who get heartburn get it everyday. This persistent heartburn can lead to other medical problems and obviously is a pain for the people who get heartburn. Overeating, spicy foods, or laying flat or sleeping after a big meal can all be causes of heartburn.

Heartburn Symptoms

Some symptoms of persistent heartburn are the common burning and pain in the chest behind the breast bone, acid coming up in the mouth or burping, extended abdomen or bloating, difficulty to swallow at times. The person who suffers persistent heartburn may find that it is better if they sleep sitting up or if they lift their bed. They may always have to take some type of antacid. With persistent heartburn these treatments are not always enough.

Heartburn Treatment

Many sufferers of persistent heartburn rely on the natural herb teas. Chamomile is a very good herb that can give some relief to people who suffer persistent heartburn. Over the years it has been found that chamomile has a very soothing effect on the stomach and the nerves, it is a good sleep aide as well. In Asia a common cure for a long time has been ginger, in fact ginger is used in many Chinese remedies. It works as chamomile, calming nausea and soothing the stomach. It has been known to help with inflammation which is good for persistent heartburn sufferers. It helps because its anti-inflammatory abilities will help soothe the irritation that is in the stomach lining and esophagus

Persistent heartburn is frustrating and sometimes difficult to get a handle on. It may require lifestyle changes such as incorporating exercise, yoga and meditation that calm the nerves and relieve stress. It is important to bring relaxation skills on board for the persistent heartburn sufferers because stress helps cause heartburn.

For some these simple changes are not enough. They will take over the counter antacids such as Tums, Rolaids, Gaviscon or many other products on the market. If those do not help which they usually do not after a time for people with persistent heartburn then the person should see a doctor. The doctor utilizes such tests as a barium x-ray, ph test or endoscopy to look into the stomach and esophagus. From these findings they usually recommend a stronger type of antacid or other medicines that help curb the stomachs production of acid.