Is Cockatiel a Good Pet

Cockatiel as a Pet

It is said that cockatiels make the best pet for a new bird owner. They are friendly and do not take as much work as some of the larger parrots to keep happy and healthy. Cockatiels are great for children and usually will bond to more than 1 person in a household. Here is what you should expect from a cockatiel as your new pet.

Cockatiels have some unique behaviors that may startle new bird owners at first. It depends mostly on how friendly and accustomed the bird is to people. However, most cockatiels will jump up on your finger and allow you to place them on your shoulder. If the bird is not quite tamed, then it may be a little more scared to do this. It will take time for your bird to learn to not be afraid of hands and people. Cockatiels will love to nibble on earrings, rings, and other jewelry. Make sure you take your expensive jewelry off before handling your cockatiel.

Cockatiels also make unique chirping and cooing noises that you may not recognize. Typically these sounds are made whenever they are doing something they should not be doing. It is almost like an adventurous giggle or laughter coming from the bird. Keep an eye on your bird, so he or she does not get into a room he is not allowed.

Make sure you keep all important papers and books away from the cockatiel cage. Cockatiels love to shred paper and cardboard to pieces, so any bills or even money laying around may be shredded! It is not uncommon for cockatiels to eat through covers on books and magazines as well.

During the night, sometimes cockatiels become startled and flap frantically around in their cage. This is common in cockatiels and this may be caused from a noise or an unknown source. It is best to cover the cage at night with a heavy sheet, but place a night light near one side of the cage and slightly leave that side of the cover open. This will help keep the bird less startled and hopefully prevent any type of injuries from a night fright. If you suspect your bird is having frequent night frights, keep several night lights on to see if that helps him.

A cockatiel as a pet will be a great companion for the whole family. They will love you and bond to you like a dog or cat would. Each cockatiel has an unique personality, so expect the unexpected from your new ‘tiel.