Is Buying MLM Genealogy Leads A Smart Use Of Your Money?

If you’re looking to build your network marketing business fast, you need a steady supply of leads, as well as an effective marketing system to expose your contacts to your list.

Out of the several thousand possible lead creation techniques, one of the most popular things to do is to purchase a list of genealogy leads online. It is my intent to briefly discuss the ethical question of MLM genealogy lists as well as to speak of the positives and negatives of doing this sort of thing.

Before we continue, though, let’s talk about what a genealogy lead actually is. Basically various Network Marketing companies sell the personal information of distributors in their networks after they go out of business – to whoever will buy them. Then, people who purchase the genealogy lists sell them to anyone who will buy them over the internet. You can even occasionally buy lists of distributors who are active in their current company, believe it or not. These leads are obtained illegally, in breach of privacy policy’s and non disclosure agreements – where someone hacks into a MLM company computer, or a leader sells the personal contact information for all of their downline.

The first thing that I want to mention about genealogy leads lists is that it is unethical to purchase them if you intend on building your business with integrity. These people don’t know you, they didn’t ask to receive information from you, and usually they don’t want to hear from you when you call. Usually, their information was sold to you through a long series of unethical personal information sharing networks, and if you email them you are breaking federal SPAM laws that can get you hefty fines from the FTC. Overall, it is just not a smart idea.

In addition, the process of attempting to sponsor new team members from genealogy leads is so painful that almost no one in their right mind would do it. If you can handle being on the phone and being told ‘don’t ever call me again’ all day every day, go for it. However, you may want to clean your list against the various Do Not Call databases to avoid getting slapped by the Federal Government.

Ok – so buying genealogy leads is a poor idea – but why do thousands of distributors continue to purchase them all over the internet?

Well, most of the time when a distributor gets involved in the home business industry, they have a problem of not having enough people to talk to to truly make their business grow. So instead of researching the tested, tried methods of lead generation, they just start looking for easy, cheap leads that they can buy online. Invariably, they run into Tracy Biller’s website, where he talks about how genealogy leads are the way to go – and they drop several hundred dollars on leads, hoping it to be a magic bullet.

It eventually becomes clear that buying leads was a silly idea – only, however, after several thousand hours of hearing ‘don’t ever call me again’ on the other line.

There is a better way – visit the resource box on this page and visit the link to find out how you can create your own leads and never buy a stupid list again.

To finish up, buying genealogy lists will do nothing but waste your time, money, and energy. Oops, I didn’t mention any sort of good points in this article about purchasing genealogy lists…

…That’s because there isn’t any.