Is a Screen Rooms a Sunroom

Are Screen Rooms Sunrooms?
They’re considered antiquated and perhaps not as high-tech as glass enclosures, but screen rooms still serve a great purpose for outdoor family fun, entertainment or even adding on a little extra space to a home without a huge expense.

Unlike more modern sunrooms, however, screen rooms don’t offer all the protection from the elements that a glass enclosure can and there are quite a few other pros and cons. In the grand scheme of things, the screen room was the forerunner of the contemporary sunroom, but they still have a place today. And, technically, as long as they allow an optimum of natural light, these rooms can still be considered “sunrooms” in the strictest sense of the word.

Screen rooms generally are a little more affordable than glassed-in sunrooms and inasmuch tend to be more in reach financially for a lot more people. They can even serve as a good starter for an eventual sunroom if the construction design is correct. If considering this option, make sure to go with a design that can be readily altered when a full glass enclosure can be purchased. In this case, it’s a good idea to let an architect or designer draft plans for the room, even if the homeowner intends to build it. Special considerations likely will need to be made for the structure to be premade to handle both screen and eventually glass.

Here are some pros and cons of screen rooms:
* They’re more affordable
* They do provide some protection from the elements, especially insects and direct sunlight if a roof is included, but don’t expect them to keep the cold or rain out.
* They provide a great place for barbecues, backyard sitting and so on.

* Since they don’t offer the protection glass does, they cannot be used 365 days a year in most climates.
* They don’t quite add the value on to a home that a glass sunroom will.
* Screens can become damaged easily due to wear and tear, winds or accidents.

Despite some obvious shortcomings of the traditional screen room over a glass enclosed modern sunroom, these structures still are great additions to a home. They do provide an indoor/outdoor escape and offer a great location to kick back, relax and unwind.

Although screen rooms don’t have the year-round appeal that many glass sunrooms do, if financing is an issue, they’re a great starter. There’s no reason to forgo creating a personal getaway room or turning a boring backyard into a place a family wants to be if a screen room can be afforded.

The benefits of these structures are many, plus they will keep the bugs out while letting the fresh air in.