Investment in Overseas Property in Poland a Clever Move

If you want to make money from overseas property investment then your answer could be to invest in property Poland. In April alone the average price of property in Poland rose by 11.3 percent. This figure way outstrips the returns being achieved in other emerging markets.

The overseas property investment field is so wide now, there is a lot of choice with new markets opening up. Investors are always looking for a new area where prices are rising. Poland looks like it will sustain it’s price rises for some time yet.

You may be one of many people who don’t know much about Poland or indeed it’s property market. There are many overseas property investors who have information about the country and it’s property, have made an investment and made substantial gains.

What do these people know? they know some key factors about why property in Poland is currently top of the overseas property investment league. Some of the reasons are:

* new high quality properties that are released on to the market are rapidly sold, there is a high demand and a shortage of property for locals, this pushes prices up

*it is mainly demand from locals that helps the values to constantly increase, foreigners looking for an overseas investment property are not inflating prices

*The European Union has budgeted for billions of Euros to go to Poland to help improve it’s infrastructure. It’s development is rapid.

*smaller Polish cities will experience price rises as the larger cities have done. This may be more long term. The cities of Wroclaw, Poznan and Lodz to name a few have risen rapidly and are continuing to rise.

*local Polish people have benefited from the openeing up of the Polish mortgage market, it is simpler to obain a mortgage in Poland than it has been.

*investing in property in Poland has been helped with the ability for a foreigner to easily get a mortgage for an overseas property investment.

*in 2012 Poland will jointly host the European Football Championships bringing greater prosperity to the country.

*disposable income in Poland is rising year by year.

Overseas property investment is on the rise in Poland. More and more people are looking to invest in the country. Anyone looking to invest is urged to move quickly as some of the low prices and best investments may soon be history.