Investing in Cape Verde

Around 400 miles from Africa’s west coast, Cape Verde is an area of 10 small islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. There is some tourism already on the islands but due to plans to promote the area internationally as a tourist destination, tourism levels are expected to increase over the next few years. As the islands already have gained in popularity with tourists, they are gradually more seen as a promising property investment.

The best times to visit the islands are between July and October when the weather is the warmest and it is not so windy. There is an exotic blend of Portuguese, African influences and traditions and European architecture that is attractive to visitors. The scenery is spectacular and wildly varies from one island to the other, with some level and sandy whilst others are volcanic and mountainous, whichever island you decide to explore you will experience glorious coastlines on all of them.

Santiago is the largest and one of the most popular islands to visit as nearly half of Cape Verde’s population live there and it has a great energy and exciting atmosphere. The island’s landscape is interesting to say the least offering mountains, deep valleys and a coast of black reefs and sandy beaches.

The islands offer very good opportunities for divers as there are plentiful of shipwrecks on the ocean floor to explore and if you like windsurfing you will find ideal conditions. The local people love their music and the islands hold carnivals, live music venues are everywhere and folk music is a tradition.

If you give this destination a try, don’t miss the salt mines in Sal. These are located inside a dormant volcano and are a must for every visitor. Fogo is a single volcanic peak whose slopes are marked with rivers of frozen lava. The beaches of Sal and Boa Vista area are truly an amazing place. If you like water activities the islands offer plenty of it including surfing, water-skiing and scuba diving, these activities can be booked at your hotel and then relax on the beach with a bottle of the local rum.

There are regular direct flights to Cape Verde from the UK and Europe, making the islands accessible to international travellers and likely to increase its popularity as a tourist destination.

The islands of Cape Verde are receiving much attention from property investors because of the expected increase in tourism levels over the next couple of years, not to be forgotten the islands natural beauty and friendly natives which make the destination a charming and spectacular location to visit. Interest is coming from all areas, couples wanting a holiday home, retirees looking for a place in the sun to spend their later years and corporations looking for new destinations for development are coming to the islands to see for themselves what attractions it has to offer. If you are interested in property investment in Cape Verde, for whatever reasons why not go yourself and take a look? Flights from Europe to Cape Verde are not out of reach, if you are interested book yourself a flight and have a look for yourself.

People interested in investing in Cape Verde or any foreign country are advised to visit the destination themselves to get to know the culture, traditions and meet also to meet some of the local people. Only you know what you require concerning weather, people and opportunities and taking the time to travel there will answer all your questions. Once you have paid a visit and decide that it will be a good place to buy property then take another trip and learn the business practices of the country, they will not be the same as you are used to in your own place of residence. For a person who plans on running a business on the islands should be aware that business practices will be different from their home-country, learn local customs so as not to make mistakes.

Cape Verde properties are low in price in comparison to the rest of Europe and even beach front properties are reasonably priced. Anyone considering on investing in the Cape Verde has the chance to create a new business that is sure to do well when the tourists start to arrive. The combination of low airfares, direct flights from Europe and of course not to forget, stunning scenery makes it easy to see why Cape Verde is well on its way to becoming a good investment for both individuals and corporations.