Invest In Your Personal Future – Franchisee Loans & Financing Rates From Canadian Lenders

We’re the first to admit that your decision to take a personal or business loan for a franchise purchase is a major life decision. So franchisee loans that make sense, from lenders that offer solid rates and financing are key to your future success in the Canadian franchise industry.

And by the way, by all accounts that business is booming, so we immediately recognize the appeal and economic opportunities to your desire to entire into a franchise business.

That’s the dream part of the equation – but what about the reality part?! That reality often revolves around getting approved for franchisee loans at financing and rates that suit your personal and business goals.

When you are properly armed with the tools to complete a successful financing you are in a position to have a much larger chance of success in your new business. Solid information, planning and a mini strategy around your franchise makes the odds of securing franchise finance approval significantly greater.

If you do want to win the battle, and yes, we think that based on hearing what some of our clients have gone through that it is a ‘ battle’ you need to ensure you have a plan . Can you count on your franchisor to assist you with financing or direct interaction with lenders? In most cases absolutely, positively….. not. They sell franchises, they don’t finance them.

We don’t want to undermine the benefits of knowing that you’ll be affiliated with a solid franchisor who hopefully has a respected name, but at the end of the day its you that has to take charge of your financing plan.

Lets examine some of the key issues your should be thinking about when you start your search for franchisee loans. It’s actually a limited market in this specialized niche of Canadian financing, as you will soon find out, so we’ll also share who the participants are from the point of view of lenders you can work with.

Track record. Two points here, first of all you want to ensure that you have some semblance of both experiences and past success in your work, business or career history. Many times general business skills can translate directly into strong points, allowing you to create a solid perception you can run and grow a business.

Growing your business, understanding its financials, and ensuring you have a strong handle on ongoing finance operations are critical keys to success. Those key issues should be covered in your business plan, which is a key requirement in your financing. Elements of that plan should include info on yourself, your franchisor, your profit and cash projections, and info your industry. A business plan can either be prepared by you or very economically by a Canadian business financing advisor who is an expert in franchise finance in Canada.

So, personal loan or business loan? Because most franchises are essentially a small business your franchise lender places significant emphasis on your personal credit history – key elements are a decent credit bureau report and some net worth based on your personal savings, home , etc . Your personal assets aren’t collateralized, but they play a role in ensuring you have some staying power.

The majority of franchises in Canada are financed through the BIL/CSBF program, which is a generic financing program sponsored by the government that fits very nicely into franchisee loans that makes sense. Rates are attractive, terms and structures are great, and your personal guarantees are limited significantly. (That’s a good thing!) The majority of franchises in Canada are financing under this program.

Only one other major finance firm specializes in franchise finance in Canada , independent of the banks, however these financings are of a program nature and generally much larger in size from a single transaction point of view . Various niche players such as equipment leasing companies can round out your financing plan.

Want to ensure you have a better chance of full approval for the financing you need, with good terms, amortizations that make sense, and some working capital ‘ wiggle room ‘? Want to make things happen quickly, with the emphasis on a business financing, not a personal loan? Speak to an experienced, trusted and credible Canadian business financing advisor with franchise finance experience today. It makes sense to work with an expert to ensure your investment in your personal future makes solid sense.