Introduction Into the World of AS – A Careful Step for the Beginner

Oral steroids are probably the first type of steroid that an amateur bodybuilder will take. Why? Because orals are on par with the kind of ‘half-commitment’ that most newbies can stomach. Don’t get us wrong, it isn’t as though the oral steroids we’ve seen in this life aren’t effective – they are! But the deal is, pills seem easier to start with because they aren’t messy and aren’t as difficult to justify as an injection. After all, previous to steroid use, unless you’re a diabetic, most people have only received injections at a doctor’s office – let alone given themselves one!

It’s a process, the induction of a natural bodybuilder into the world of steroids. That’s why many begin with orals like Dianabol, Winstrol tabs or Anavar. Some are even more gun-shy and prefer the paper steroids over pills. That makes it even easier to pretend that you’re not taking drugs.

But here’s the issue: When starting to use anabolics, most people really ARE conflicted because they feel as though they are taking "hard drugs". The thought of injecting anything into the body smacks of heroin use or spells J-U-N-K-I-E and the fact that it is a "habit" necessary to grow to the degree the individual wants, is also hard to stomach! The problem is, all most people have taken in their lives is Advil or Aspirin. That means that taking orals, injecting various body parts and purchasing illegal drugs is a lot to handle mentally for anyone. That’s why starting off slow is completely understandable. In other words, one doesn’t just jump from protein powder to a stack of Primo, Test Cyp and Sustenon overnight!

Go to a Good Source

So how does one get over the hurdle of being afraid to inject himself? Again, it’s a process. It’s a process that ought to be gradual and easily understood at every turn. But let’s face it, injection is necessary if one is to get anyplace with bodybuilding and the use of AS. So one way to do this is to do as much reading as possible. We recommend getting a book on the subject, something that covers everything from the lowdown on individual drugs – with pros and cons and commentary – to stacks, how to inject, and which needle to choose based on the drug type and consistency of aqueous or oil suspension.

Make a Good Beginning

We also recommend finding a stack that is a good beginning. Water based steroids are a nice compliment to oral steroids because they are easy to inject and are typically not painful. They don’t require a low gauge needle (the lower the number the bigger the needle barrel) and are fairly user friendly in terms of pulling the fluid up into the syringe. All considered, these things are a plus.

The other important issue surrounding choosing a first cycle is not to endeavor an overkill situation. When you’ve never used AS prior, your body is so "pure" that it doesn’t take much to actually create growth.

Here’s a great first stack for anyone:

Dianabol (D-Bol) – 1-2 tabs daily

Winstrol-V 1/2 cc – 3x a week

~This is highly anabolic and allows you to see how AS can enhance your physique with few side effects.

Learning Do’s and Don’t’s

This is crucial to a trauma free start in the use of AS. We say "trauma free" because a lot of the ill things that happen as a steroid user are preventable. Rarely do you find something going wrong when it doesn’t have to do with the user himself. So, learning things like these are important:

~ Don’t reuse your needles. And we don’t just mean dirty ones – that goes without saying. We mean don’t even reuse them after boiling. Why? Because they’re dull and can cause abscesses or just be unnecessarily painful.

~ Don’t buy from someone you don’t know. Legal hassles begin and end with some stranger who someone you hardly know recommends. He could be a Fed or some other undercover person ready to turn. Wouldn’t it be unfortunate to get caught red-handed right out of the chute?

~ Don’t use harder AS until you really know how to use them. Drugs like A-50 (Anadrol) are not for beginners and are unnecessary for anyone prior to about the 3-5 year mark of use. That’s because they are highly androgenic and carry a lot of side effects with them. See how far you can get without using these.

~ Don’t try to pack all your steroids into one syringe – only when they are compatible. Design your cycles to minimize shots, but yet, only use like drugs on the days you’re stacking within one syringe. Trying to pack Test Suspension and Sustenon into one needle, plug GH, etc… is just nonsense.

~ Don’t site inject until you have good reason to try. It’s silly to begin injecting biceps, thighs, calves, etc. with drugs when you’re a "newbie shooter". Learn good injection practices prior to ever endeavoring anything more than your hip.

~ Caveat Emptor: Buyer beware! Trust someone experienced to procure your drug cycles for you until you can do a little research into what constitutes counterfeits and fakes. This is important because if you get something that is weaker than it should be or something fake, you’ll be fooled into believing that you need a higher dose for growth. Once you get the real thing, you’ll likely overdo it and take more than you need.

~ Don’t ever try "untested drugs" – particularly fat loss drugs. The rage for awhile was to ingest an ingredient in bug spray (we don’t even want to mention the name here for fear of abuse potential) that elevated core body temperature in order to burn excess body fat. Many 20-somethings ended up on a slab in the morgue as a result – their insides almost being liquefied by the toxic chemical. It’s stupid and there are no shortcuts to good diet practices.

~ Know how long to cycle drugs, and how to trade them in and out before adding more than 2-3 to your cycle’s repertoire, otherwise you’ll end up shot-gunning substances that may be working, but you don’t know why or how. Take good notice of the 2 you’re on and why and how they are working, and then you’ll know how to use them in the future.

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