Introducing The All-New 2014 Honda Fit

The 2014 Honda Fit is a fantastic vehicle with a plethora of features. Besides the features, the vehicle also helps the environment. It is one of the best vehicles offered that is efficient for families.

The Honda Fit has a unique shape, but it is designed that way for a reason. The shape gives the vehicle aerodynamics, so it will travel better and use less fuel. This is important for families on a budget because buying gas can be pricey. The aerodynamic design in found near the rear roofline spoiler.

The wheels are also aerodynamic. Each wheel measures at 15 inches; they are alloy wheels. The design of the wheels is very unique. Although the wheels are different, the rear bumper is designed in an innovative way too; the rear bumper does not have a tailpipe.

The interior of the 2014 Honda has several features that are ideal for families. For example, the car has a navigation system that functions with voice recognition. When families travel, the battery will run low; however, the navigation system provides information about the nearest charging station. To find the nearest location, the user only has to press the talk button. After the button is used, the user tells the device to find the nearest location, and the unit will display the results.

Another interior feature is called the 3-Mode Drive System. When the users use the system, it helps them use the car based on a certain driving style. There are three modes; the modes are Sport mode, ECON mode, and Normal mode. When the driver wants to travel using power, Sport mode is used. To drive with efficiency, the ECON mode is used. Normal mode provides the benefits of the Sport mode and the ECON mode.

During long trips, kids will get hot or cold. The 2014 Honda Fit has a unique Automatic Climate Control feature that lets the driver adjust the car’s temperature automatically. Once the ideal temperature is set, the user will not have to do anything else.

Efficient driving requires efficient tools; the Honda Fit has a useful gauge that provides important information. The gauge reacts based on how the driver drives the vehicles. The gauge also provides information based on other actions involving the vehicle.

The gear selector found on the floor of the vehicle is similar to an automatic transmission vehicle. However, gears are not found in the Honda Fit. The shift has a function for drive, reverse, and park. The shift also has a unique feature that improves the regenerative breaking; this function on the shift is labeled as B. When the user has the shift in the braking spot and releases the accelerator, the car has an increased engine braking effect. The feature is very useful when traveling down a hill or when the battery needs faster recharging.

The seats in the vehicle are designed to help the environment. Plants were used to design the fabric. Most car seats are designed using crop from corn, but it is in great demand. Instead, the designers used a material gained from sugarcane.

Many people think battery powered vehicles are slow, but the 2014 Honda Fit is not slow. The vehicle uses an electric motor that has a 92kW coaxial that has a high-density. The vehicle’s acceleration is very efficient as well. The Honda Fit also has a gasoline engine, and it provides 106 pounds per feet of torque.

Because the vehicle has a 3-mode drive system, the driver can drive based on the road conditions. When the driver needs to make the battery last, the ECON mode is used. If a truck is driving slowly, and the driver wants to drive by fast, the Sport mode is used. The 2014 Honda Fit lets drivers drive based on their own driving style.

Overall, the Honda Fit is an ideal vehicle for families due to the many features it provides. The cost of the vehicle starts at $15,000.