INTERVIEW COACHING: Add Value to Your Business – Be On the Cutting Edge

You name it – Blackberry, Skype Connection, Cell Phone, iPhone – these are the tools of this trade.

Has it happened to you in your business? You reach out to someone in a far away country and work with a client via technology ? Believe me, this is the way of the future – and it is already here!

Last month I coached a man in Israel going for a job interview in Hebrew. We worked through his Blackberry and my cell phone. The wonderful ending is he “got the job” – and was able to negotiate a higher salary offer.

This is what I call exciting work. What a wonderful, crazy world we live in. In a business where the sky’s the limit!

It seems one of the secrets to success in a coaching business is to find the right niche for you. I found my niche after some trial and error – and that niche is Interview Coaching. My clients are not only people in job search – they are from every field imaginable including – authors who want to sell their books to agents; entrepreneurs who want to sell their businesses to investors/or sponsors; someone who wanted to be on a major quiz program, and, a even beauty queen who needed answers.

You might think that just anyone could advertise themselves as an Interview Coach. In reality they can do that, but that doesn’t mean that they have what it takes to do a good job or that they will be able to reap the benefits for their clients or themselves. There are some factors that will determine what makes a really good interview coach.

Here’s a little quiz for you to take to determine if this might be a niche for you to explore further.

__ Are you making the revenue that you had hoped for?

The amount of money you make through interview coaching will be determined by the amount of time and effort you put into marketing.

__ Are you looking for added value to give your clients?

If you are already a have a career business, or are a resume writer, or even a career counselor – the more credibility you have through great results, the better the referrals .

__ Are you up to a new challenge of learning a new skill set?

Cutting edge techniques and methods will only enhance your credibility and give you the savvy to present yourself as an “expert” in new areas that you may not now offer.

__ Are you a good problem solver – able to diagnosis the problem?

If you like diagnosing problems and getting to the root of what’s going on with a person – this is right up your alley – listening and solving problems.

__ Are you ready to give straight-forward – sometimes difficult feedback?

The clients want to find out what they have been doing wrong. It’s up to you to give them the “real” scoop. Good communication skills and practice will be the key to your success.

__ Are you willing to spend time marketing this new service?

If you have an established practice, this will be an add-on to your marketing efforts. If you are starting a new line or business then you will have to use some resources to get your business going.

__ Are you patient with people from other cultures?

Often people who contact you for services will have English as a second language. It will be your decision if you can work with people who require a bit more patience and coaching.

__ Are you willing to be the client’s rock when they get rejected?

When someone has been “beat up” in the workplace it will be part of your job to let them know that life goes on – and that they can’t give up. Sometimes this will be in the form of listening and encouraging them.

__ Are you ready to make a greater difference in peoples’ lives?

You may already know how good it feels to make a difference and receive those calls or emails letting you know you helped someone or given them the confidence they needed to take a risk.

How many checks were you able to put on the list? If you have seven out of the ten skills required – or higher – this may be a place for you to explore.

What is life after all if it isn’t about making a difference? You can make a difference in your own life as well as other peoples’ lives – in their successes, and in their job satisfaction. It can be a very rewarding experience for you – that happens over, and over, and over – extending all over the world. You can make a difference as an Interview Coach.

Copyright (c) 2007 Carole Martin, The Interview Coach