Interview Coaching: A Home-Based Business on the Cutting Edge

Who would believe that someone with a home-based business can reach out to a far away country and work with a client via a Blackberry and a cell phone? That is exactly what I did last month with a man in Israel who was going to interview there. And, he not only got the job, but he was able to negotiate a higher salary after our work together.

The business of coaching in general is quietly taking over the $427 Billion home-business sector by storm. If you are interested in getting in on this wave you will first need to find a niche. A niche that will satisfy your needs – where you can make a difference and some good money at the same time.

My niche is Interview Coaching, which is my way to connect with people all over the United States and beyond. To be able to reach out and help someone – and to be appreciated is what my business is about. Can you think of a better way to make a living? You might think that just anyone could hang advertise themselves as an Interview Coach. In reality they can do that, but that doesn’t mean they have what it takes to do a good job for their clients or themselves.

Here’s a little quiz to determine if this might be a niche for you to explore further.

__ I am an excellent listener

You should be able to really “hear” people when they talk. You can pick up on hidden things they’re saying if you read between the lines.

__ I am good at “reading” people –

Some people say they are “people persons” but they don’t know how to look beyond what is on the surface. That’s a special gift that will make you very successful at this business.

__ I have great communication skills

Good communication skills begin with listening and then letting the person know that they have been heard. It is also adjusting your communication level to match the person you are talking to – whether it is with an executive or a laboratory assistant.

__ I am patient and will take time to explain what needs to change

Some people do not have the patience to listen to a long story or to have to explain something over in several different ways to get the point across.

__ I am capable of giving straight forward feedback

How do you tell someone that they aren’t doing something affectively? You give straight-forward facts that are sometimes difficult to say. Not giving honest advice will take away from the value of your coaching.

__ I would make a great teacher/coach

If you are starting out, you have to determine if you want to spend time with people teaching them new skills and techniques that will make a difference in their lives.

__ I have patience and good customer service skills

Sometimes people change their minds, cancel appointments, don’t show up for appointments. It’s all part of having a business. Your customer service policy will be of your own choosing and values.

__ I’m good at figuring out problems

This is the most exciting part of interview coaching. To ask the questions and find out what is going on. Asking many questions and listening and reading between the lines will give you clues to helping the person succeed.

__ I want to make a difference

You’ve come to the right place. You can help people change their lives. You can help them to be more competitive in the job market. You can show them that they have power in the interview process.

__ I’m good at giving motivational reinforcement

After you’ve given them the straight-forward feedback you will have to work to build their esteem back to a place where they will appreciate they have something to offer.

How many checks were you able to put on the list? If you have six out of the ten skills required – or higher – this may be a place for you to explore.

Being an interview coach offers new challenges and the chance to play many roles during a single day. The roles may vary with each client. The clients are all different –people in transition, or up for an internal promotion, or changing fields, or young people entering the work force. And, don’t forget the “walking wounded” – who have been laid off, or fired.. These people need help – they need encouragement – they need caring for.

What is life after all if it isn’t about making a difference? You can make a difference in your own life as well as other peoples’ lives – over, and over, and over – extending all over the world. You can make a difference as an Interview Coach.

Copyright (c) 2007 Carole Martin, The Interview Coach