Internet Marketing Coaching – Top 4 Things to Avoid When Choosing a Coach

Internet Marketing Coaching – Top 4 Things to Avoid When Choosing a Coach

Internet marketing coaching is almost a necessary thing in today’s fast moving internet environment. It is necessary to move as fast as you want to when you first get online. You see, when you get started, you know…nothing. And how do you learn the fastest? By learning from people who have done it already.

That is the bottom line – you need internet marketing coaching.

But there is good coaching and bad coaching.

This article is about bad coaching, which you want to avoid at all costs.

So what is bad coaching?

1) Getting coaching from someone who makes less than you do. Look, if they are not already doing what you want to do – or at least better than you are not – how do you think they will be able to teach you?

2) Getting coaching from someone who cannot effectively communicate. Make sure you can communicate with them via the communication type that you will be using for the coaching. If it is telephone coaching, spend 5 minutes on the phone with them before you buy. If it is email coaching (most popular) ask them a question via email and see how well they answer you. Can you learn from this person?

3) Getting coaching if you are not willing to listen. Look, they make $10,000 per month, you make $500 per month. Do what they say! When you are making $10,000 per month, you can do it your own way!

4) Getting coaching if you have no time to follow directions. If you are going to pay $500 per month for coaching – you need to have time to apply everything they teach you each month – and that generally means at least 15 – 20 hours per week of your time, working online.