Interiors for Care Homes

Moving into a care home will be a new and probably daunting experience and so people will want to be able to make some mark on their private space to make their surroundings familiar to them. Ensuring people can create a home from home, while also decorating the care home for essential needs is down to careful planning and consideration.

Neutral Decor:

One of the best ways to ensure the interiors of care homes are easy to work with is to add a neutral décor to the rooms. Neutral décor performs all the functions required and looks tidy, clean and attractive. However, when a person’s own items are added it fades into the background and will allow them to add that personal touch that makes them feel more at home.

Interiors for care homes need to take their curtains, bedding and also furniture into account. These will all need to appeal to the intended user in terms of design, whilst being completely functional. Add the odd flourish of colour here or there to ensure the décor is not offensively bland.

Linen and Towels:

Linen and towels also need to be hard wearing and neutral. This ensures that they look their best after a quick clean or wash and that they are a practical choice for this sort of accommodation. Mattress protectors are also worth purchasing not just for hygiene reasons – they can also make a mattress a little more comfortable to lie on.

If the linen is supplied it should offer comfort, but also be an affordable choice for your organisation. Linen can become damaged for one reason or another and so it is necessary that it does not cost the world to replace. Also, remember that comfort is very important in a care home and a good night’s sleep is a must – so relatively good quality linen is also required.

Most care homes are painted quite neutral colours, such as cream, beige or pastels. These colours work well with others and allow the resident to add their own items to the room without conflicting with the decor too much. This makes versatility very important.


When there are a number of people using specific items in a home, they will need to be strong and durable.

Items in care homes need to be flame proof and also hard wearing. This is the case for everything from linen to the furniture. As many of us are well aware, anything can happen in a care home and it is always best be prepared.

It’s essentially about getting the mix between durability and neutral design right. This allows for the place to be homely and also ensures that items won’t have to be regularly replaced.

Finding the perfect mix for care homes can be tough, however follow the aforementioned and you should get a good idea of how to do so.