Interiors and Linen for Student Halls

Student halls are often put to the test throughout the academic year. All sorts of happenings can come about making student halls a place where wear and tear is often the operative word.

Choosing the appropriate linen and interiors for student halls is all about balance and finding something that not only looks good, but is also strong, durable and practical is a necessity. In fact, there are numerous considerations when purchasing interiors and linen for these residences.

Student halls require neutral design and neutral colours. The facts that these areas receive regular changes of occupants mean they need an inoffensive, neutral décor to allow the students to make the place their home.

Of course, student halls are famed for their need for durability, this includes furnishings, linen and interiors, and these should be made of strong hardwearing items. The need for things such as flame retardant curtains, strong durable linen and hard wearing chairs and furnishings is a must as anything can happen in student halls and you want to ensure you don’t have to replace daintier items on a regular basis.

Student halls need to be simple and practical, strong and durable and also neutral to allow the student to create a feel and decorate the room in his or her own manner. This practical but functional approach is the philosophy behind a great student hall and saves you problems, while also encourages students to stay there.


One of the other areas to take into consideration is the renting of bed linen. Bed linen in student halls should offer a great mix of practicality and affordability. Ideally linen should be comfortable but not very costly as this increases the cost of renting it – something international students often do – and also replacing it – something will most likely need to happen at the end of the year. You want to try and strike a good balance between both of these elements to ensure the linen fits the bill.

High quality linen is available, but if it costs a lot and needs to be replaced quite often then it will show on the bank balance. This option is widely regarded to be not ideal for student living. It’s about finding a mixture of durability and affordability as this will benefit both you and the students.


The interiors and linen of student halls need to be carefully thought out. It needs to be functional, practical, replaceable, durable and also low in cost. If you find the perfect balance then you will have many years of relatively hassle free student halls – so, do your research, enquire into it with the aforementioned in mind and you’ll find the best linen for your halls.