Intent Creates Coincidences To Fulfill Itself

A coincidence is an incident that happens with another incident. It can happen at the same time at the same place, same time but different place or same place but different time. It can even happen at a different time and different place but is related to the first event in some special way. Coincidences are incidents that correlate with each other across time and space. They are events in synchronization with a higher cause. That is why coincidences are synchronicities.

Everything that happens in the universe starts with intention. Events that happen separately and which do not directly cause each other are acausal events. But acausal events have a common cause which is intent. Intent is what creates and synchronizes those separate events to fulfill a common purpose that they are a part of. When you make a choice through intention, the universe takes care of the details necessary to fulfill the intention through synchronicities.

The whole universe functions by synchronicity. Every moment of our life operates in synchronicity. The only reason we do not experience synchronicity is that we are not in the state of awareness to notice it happening. Everything that is happening in every moment is happening together with everything else that is a part of fulfilling the intentions by which they were created from.

Everything in the universe exists as undefined energy until an observer focuses on it. It is consciousness alone that collapses the wave-particle. Without consciousness, everything would exist only as pure potential. There are infinite possibilities that need only intent to make real. In order to notice anything, you have to ignore everything else around it. It is observation that turns possibility into reality. We can truly create the magical life with consciousness alone.

Synchronicity is how God arranges situations for your desires to manifest. When you focus on your intent, the universe starts arranging the timeline of events to make it happen. Luck is simply the creation of coincidence for the fulfillment of your intentions. It is your intention that creates opportunities for you to fulfill it. When you realize that coincidences are opportunities created by intent, every coincidence becomes an opportunity for you to fulfill your very desires.

You have to be on the lookout for opportunities that will open up to grant your desire. Those opportunities do not happen by chance but they happen because they were created by your intent. Have you ever had a longing or intent to meet someone or do something, and the next moment a situation comes along for you to do so? An opportunity may present itself, but limiting thoughts that arise in the moment may stop you from taking it. You have to be aware of and resolve your limiting thoughts. When the opportunity shows up, do not hesitate, doubt or fear. Act on it.

Coincidences call our attention to important things in our lives. We can choose to ignore them and hurry on, or we can pay attention to them and live out the miracle that is waiting for us. When we miss the first message, the universe communicates it repeatedly through reoccurring events. We keep seeing, hearing or feeling the same thing over again until we get it. It might seem that the things you had been doing before you finally made the switch to do the right thing, may have been mistakes. But they are not really mistakes when you see it from the awareness that all those things had to happen in order for you to be brought to where you are. They were simply preparation for the change you were supposed to make.

The more you focus on coincidences, the more you attract coincidences into your life. Sometimes a coincidence may not give you the full meaning it signifies. But the more you focus on your intent to find out the meaning, the more such coincidences will occur and the more clearly their meaning comes into view. When that happens, your path to fulfillment emerges. The answer may also come as a sudden insight or a spontaneous revelatory experience. The key is to keep paying attention to your coincidences and inquire.

Coincidences are also clues to the will of the universe. The more unlikely a coincidence is to happen, the more potent the clue and the more powerful a message it is about the path the universe has planned for you. Synchronicities are signs from heaven. The very fact that it is a coincidence means it is a message from God, and we must take heed, and then take action. Coincidences let you know which of your intentions are likely to be fulfilled. It is important never to ignore a coincidence because it is a chance to see what the universe has planned for you. When you pay attention to coincidences, they’ll accelerate, creating even more opportunities for you to become the person the universe intended you to be.

You intention is more powerful and effective when it serves a larger purpose. Intention works better when it takes into account the relationships that surround it. Your intention is more likely to manifest when it harmonizes with the collective intent of the people around you. You should have an intent that benefits at least one person other than yourself. When two shall agree, it shall be done according to the universe. When people are truly in tune with each other, they experience synchronicity in their relationship. They are connected spirit to spirit.

An intention can be only fulfilled through synchronicity if it is aligned with the intention of the universal mind. The universal intention is always evolutionary and therefore moving in the direction of harmonious interactions that serve the larger good. Every intent affects the intents of all other beings in the universe. The universal mind coordinates and synchronizes all intents and the events for their fulfillment. Every being might think that it is its own intent which is synchronizing the whole universe, but its intent actually originates from the universal mind. All the intents and events co-arises and co-creates each other. We are all cocreators of reality in the universe.

When a person achieves a certain level of consciousness, whatever he or she intends begins to happen. There are people who are so connected to universal consciousness that their every intent manifests itself. The whole order of the universe orchestrates around it. Of course, it is not necessary true that their every personal intention is being met. People who are connected with universal consciousness adopt the intentions of the universe. Their intentions are being met because the universal mind is using their intentions to fulfill its own desires. When you live from the level of universal consciousness, all your desires will come true because they are not just your personal desires, but they are aligned with the desires of all that exist. That is why it is important to choose intentions that are aligned with the greatest good of all.