Intend And Act From A Place Of Love And Not Fear

In everything we think and do, there are only two positions that we are intending and acting from. Fear or love. You can have the same intention or action but it can be either fear based or love based. The same intention or action will have two different affects on reality depending on the kind of energy that goes along with it. When you act and intend out of fear, you attract corresponding conditions created by fear. When you act and intend out of love, you attract corresponding conditions created by love.

Thoughts and actions of courage can be fear or love based. Although courage is supposed to be the opposite of fear, yet the perspective of courage can support or negate fear. When you think and act with the mindset of courage that is from a perspective of fear, you are trying to conquer your fears. The intention of becoming stronger than your fears acknowledges the existence of fear. But when you think and act with the mindset of courage that is from a perspective of love, you are transcending your fears. Courage becomes an unspoken concept. You have no fears to conquer, you are just there to act from your heart and to express what’s inside freely.

All intentions and actions that are fear based serve to accumulate power over others. You gain power so that you can defend against what is trying to harm you or to attack and defeat whatever is stopping you from getting what you want. The more power you accumulate, the more you need to keep accumulating. Fear based intention and action creates opposition, competition and enemies. The stronger you become, the stronger the opposition and competition will manifest to test your power.

All intentions and actions that are love based serve to love with power. You already have everything you need from the infinite source and therefore you are here to be a channel of light and love to the world. The more you give, the more you want to keep giving. Love based intention and action creates more love, joy, happiness and abundance in your life. The more you are a blessing to others, the more opportunities will be manifested for you to give and receive blessings in the universe.

There is no fear in love. Perfect love casts out all fear. When you act from a position of love, there is nothing to do. All your actions are expressions of your being. You are not doing something to get what you don’t have. That is fear based action that comes from a position of lack. You are doing what you do because you have something to give. Love based actions come from a position of abundance and completeness. Gain power in order to become more powerful at loving. All power is meant to serve love.

We all want to come to a place of peace. We can arrive there through fear or love. When we seek peace from a position of fear, we will have to keep increasing our power until we are more powerful than anyone else around us, so that they will have to be in subjection to us due to their fear of our power. But when we seek peace from a position of love, we already have peace within because we know we are connected with everyone and everything is taken cared of by the one in heaven who loves us.

Saving money is a good thing. But when your action of saving money is fear based, you are saving for a rainy day. You are accumulating resources for a time when you could be hospitalized because of illness or accident. When you action of saving money is love based, you are saving for opportunities to invest. You know that situations to do good will come along in the future and you want to be prepared with the necessary resources to undertake them.

When you are living in fear, you are living in the past or the future. You do things to make up for something that has already happened, or to prevent something that you expect to happen. But when you live in love, you are living in the present. You do things to enjoy what is happening now. You are not burdened by the past or worried of the future. You let go of what was before and you commit what is to come in God’s hands. You are free to simply live the present moment and experience it fully.

The effect of fear and love applies to the area of perseverance as well. When you act from fear, you persevere in your actions in order to overcome something eventually. Success is like a goal with many barriers that you have to breakthrough until you finally get to it. But when you act from love, you are simply expressing the love that you are. You will not be denied expression of your love and you will keep doing what brings you joy. Loving action comes without the need to persevere. It just can’t be stopped.

If you were truly fearless, would you still be doing what you are doing now? Would you be leaving something for the future or would you choose to act upon it in the present? People who are fearless do not wait for an imaginary future that never comes, but they choose to act on their desires in the now. They choose to express what’s in their heart without holding back until a later time. They choose to give what they really want to give, to whoever they want to give now.