Integrated E-Z Test (Split Key) Cups

The E-Z Test Cup is an instant response testing device that eliminates urine handling and donor tampering, by providing an efficient and unique approach for onsite testing. EZ Split Key Cup is a one step on-site urine drug test device, which gives 99% of accuracy and results quickly in few minutes. It offers a compact and split specimen format, which is easy to test and administer for both male and female. An absolute integrated drug test cup does not require the examiner to come in contact with the urine specimen. It is also called as E-Z Key Cup, E-Z Integrated Cup, E-Z Split Cup, and E-Z Integrated Split Key Cup. It helps to discard the possibility of contaminating the specimen.

Various E-Z Testing Cups
The E-Z test cup are available in various combinations from 3 panel to 9 panel test cups, according to the combinations that you want to test for. E-Z Key 3, E-Z Key 4, E-Z Key 5, E-Z Key 6, E-Z Key 7, E-Z Key 8, E-Z Key 9 urine drug test cups.

The E-Z test cups are the widely used drug test device, as they are available at low cost and are convenient and easy to use. They are also fast and accurate in reporting in few minutes. In the suspicious cases, the test results should be confirmed with the SAMHSA certified laboratories.

E-Z Testing Process
The E-Z testing process is simply taking the urine specimens during the collection process. E-Z test cup has a key that moves into the side of the cup. It doesn’t need to turn for starting, just have to insert the key to start and press it on. In this method the urine specimen is divided into two containers. Then urine deluges the test chamber parting without touching the specimen. If the result of the test reports positive, the test cup have to be sent to laboratory with the rest of the specimen untouched for GC/MS confirmation. The trigger system operates the patent key on the test cup, which prevents donor activation and tampering and the test is maintained under the collector’s control. Some states demand E-Z specimen drug testing as a mandatory procedure.

Advantages of the EZ Split Urine Drug Testing Cup:
The following are the major advantages of E-Z Split drug testing cup:
• They are easy to test and are less expensive.
• The specimen collector can activate the test with special key, thus donor manipulation can be eliminated.
• Label hides test result from those who do not need to view results.
• Fully Integrated design of the drug test cup eliminates handling of the urine
• Cut-offs levels of drug testing set according SAMHSA

The E-Z test cup also has an advantage that when the specimen is placed in the cup, the examiner can record the reading of the temperature strip. Then the test will be activated and kept aside, later it can be read up to 1 hour.

It gives more control for examiner over the test and enables to perform the test after the donor leaves the testing site. The E-Z test cup detects multiple drugs existence, as accurate as the laboratory tests in few minutes.

The above information explains you about the integrated EZ drug test cups and its functioning procedure. It helps you in testing for drug through the urine specimen.