Intangible Wealth Statement – Are You Encompassing All The Multifaceted Gifts Of Life?

Empowered Millionaires always express vast gratitude for the abundance of blessings in their lives; whether financial blessings or the thousand and one tiny miracles that take place in our lives every day. So, for me on my journey to millionaire status, I must first display appreciation for all creation and develop a better understanding of the power of gratitude. The true nature of being gracious is found in the wholehearted gratefulness given by the human heart to everything that has ever been, or ever will be, manifested throughout the universe. Gratitude, which is giving thanks for all abundance, represents acknowledging the energy that flows through all things, bringing wondrous blessings to us in the form of the fulfillment of our desires.

It is said that there is calmness and serenity to a life lived in gratitude, solitude of the soul, and quiet joy that results from a wholehearted appreciation of our blessings. For me, when my heart is overflowing with gratitude it is in a state of gratefulness, which means its focus is on abundance. This means I am developing a prosperity consciousness. To be fulfilled, I must focus on my blessings; I must cultivate an attitude of gratitude. This is done by appreciating all things. Whenever I appreciate something or someone, I am giving value with this approval, I am increasing its worth. Therefore, from this moment forth, I shall focus on the beauty of life, becoming an appreciator of all creation.

This article looks at the Empowered Millionaire’s Intangible Wealth Statement, which encompasses all the multifaceted gifts of life to be appreciative for. Intangible wealth is the riches that we are not automatically conscious of possessing, such as our choice to walk barefooted along a sandy beach or our ability to jog for a long distance without being winded.

There are three areas that comprise the Intangible Wealth Statement:

1. Gratitude Factors

As an Empowered Millionaire, I shall focus my attention on what I do have, not on what I don’t have. As such, here I shall make a list of Gratitude Factors. These are the things I am most grateful for in my life at this present moment; not including those things I like (my Feel Good Factors) and my bodily blessings (my Physical Assets), which shall be written on the next two lists. For extra clarity, I should place the words “I am grateful for…” before what I write on this first list:

�� I am grateful for… my power of unlimited choice
�� … my ability to drive a car
�� … working at a career I enjoy
�� … living in the ‘Information Age’
�� … living in a free enterprise society
�� … the love of my wife and children
�� … my aptitude in surfing the Internet
�� … sunshine and rain and wind and snow
�� … my mother and father as wonderful role models
�� … having a roof over my head and food on my table

2. Feel Good Factors

My Feel Good Factors, as the name implies, are those things that make me feel good. They may not necessarily all be good for me, but they give me psychological sunshine and bring blissful conditions into my life. These factors hold massive importance in the initial stages of designing my ideal lifestyle. For instance, there is no point in complaining about cold weather and lamenting this fact year after year, when it is my choice to live in a cold climate. Within reason, over a period of time, literally anyone can live where they want to live and do what they want to do. These factors will help me clarify what I like and what I don’t like. For extra clarity, I should place the words “I love…” before what I write on this list:

�� I love… being slim and fit and healthy
�� … having a massage
�� … looking at the stars
�� … reading a good book
�� … hugging my children
�� … running my own business
�� … listening to my favorite music
�� … savoring the taste of my favorite foods
�� … watching the sunset with a drink in hand
�� … swimming at sandy shores on sunshiny days

3. Physical Factors

Here I shall make a list of all my bodily blessings. These are my physical attributes or assets, most of which I take for granted because it seems that almost every person has them. These Physical Factors can be as innocuous as the ability to taste ice-cream on my tongue or as significant as my ability to be a parent. This time for extra clarity, I should place the words “I am thankful for possessing…” before what I write on this list:

�� I am thankful for possessing… vivid memories of happy days
�� … feet with which to carry me through life
�� … a heart with which I can love all mankind
�� … eyes with which to see a majestic sunset
�� … knees upon which I can pray to God almighty
�� … a tongue with which I can taste gourmet delights
�� … ears with which to listen to birds in the springtime
�� … fingers with which to play a melodic piano concerto
�� … feelings of happiness and sadness and joy and sorrow
�� … a mind capable of thoughts that can traverse the universe

My intangible wealth is so vast as to be incalculable; giving me the personal net worth of a multi-millionaire, even a billionaire. Think of the wealthiest individuals on the planet—perhaps Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or The Sultan of Brunei or one of the Asian tycoons—and think of their vast financial wealth. And now that I have thought of their huge mountains of money, I shall dismiss this entirely from my mind.

Here on my Intangible Wealth Statement, financial worth is of no consequence. Instead, of most importance are my hidden assets, my everyday blessings. For example, if I am younger than Bill Gates or Warren Buffet and healthier than both of them, so what if they are worth billions of dollars? My ‘age wealth’ and my ‘health wealth’ exceed theirs. What about happiness and peace of mind? If I am happier than The Sultan of Brunei and have greater peace of mind than him, my ‘happiness wealth’ and my ‘peace of mind wealth’ both exceed his.

# # #