Installing Hardwood Floors The Right Way

The flooring product has been selected. The workmen have been scheduled. Congratulations! But before you take the plunge, here are some thoughts as to how best to prepare for your new hardwood flooring installation.

At the very beginning, you want to involve the whole family. You want to sit down, have a family meeting, and tell them just exactly what will be happening. You see, this whole experience is going to last several days at least – with plenty of noise, confusion, and dust, and your meeting will give them a chance to ask questions and generally to prepare.

Before the workmen arrive, and well before the date of the installation, you will need to go into the room that is going to be re-floored and take everything out: all the furniture, everything on the walls, all the curtains, drapes and blinds – everything.

Why do you need to remove everything? Because hardwood floor installation can be difficult and messy, and you don’t want the workmen to accidentally bump in to something and break it. And make sure that everything that has been moved to a different location can stay there for a while, because you will need a few days, at least, for your new floor finish to dry and cure before you can move that stuff back.

Do you have pets? If so, you will need to make special arrangements – either to keep them securely corralled in another room, or better yet, have a neighbor, friend or family member watch them for a few days. You don’t want to take a chance on them getting loose and tracking paw marks or leaving pet hairs on your new floor.

Speaking of floor finish, after your hardwood flooring has been installed and they have sanded and applied the finish, it will have to dry for a while – usually several days at a minimum. Don’t even TRY to walk on the floor during this time. Your installer will tell you how long you will have to stay off of the floor.

But once your floor has dried and cured enough, THEN you can move your stuff back in. As you do so, take care to put some pads or floor protectors under the legs and bottoms of the furniture.

When walking on your new hardwood flooring, don’t mark up the surface by wearing hard rubber soles. Ditto for using athletic shoes, as these have cleats and spikes that can damage it. As for spikes, ladies should not walk on hardwood floors in spiked high heels. If you have stairs and doorways that are bound to get lots of foot traffic, put down some rugs to protect those new hardwood floors that you have spent so much money on.