installing a car alarm

Car Alarm Installation: A How To

Car alarm installation can be a very frustrating process. It requires some basic know-how of car parts, as well as a genuine interest in technology and electronics. If you’re really no a fan of do-it-yourself methods, then you should you go look for an automobile alarm and security company that will get down and dirty for you. It’s better to spend a sum on getting the alarm installed the right way, than doubling your expense by attempting and then failing anyway.

However, if you still want to learn more and just charge everything to experience, then this essay will walk you through it. In case you do not know, installing a car alarm manually does not mean just getting on your back and “install” it right away.

For starters, you have to prepare for the installation. You need to gather all the materials you need like scissors, crimps, knife, solder material, solder gun, drill, test light, screw bit, screws, double-sided mounting tape, voltmeter, and a tie wrap.

You must never forget to prepare the installation manual, especially if you have absolutely no idea about installing a car alarm. If you still see gibberish on the manual instead of actually being able to read what is on it, it is time that you call the tech support number of the manufacturer of your car.

But, hey, if you’re really forcing the issue and would REALLY insist that you do it yourself, here’s what you should do.

First, you have to be able to drill a hole through a rubber grommet in the firewall of your precious car and fee the wire of the siren, which you will have mounted beforehand.

After that, connect the power wire of the alarm directly to your car’s battery. Feed the wire through the rubber grommet located on the firewall and also into the passenger compartment. Do not forget about the fuse! If you are having second thoughts about the size of the fuse, just consult with your installation manual for assurance.

Before you drill a hole in the dash where you have intentions of placing the LED status indicator, you must first mount a shock sensor. Once you have done so, feed the LED’s wire through that hole you just drilled and place the double-sided tape to the back of the LED and place it on the hole located in the dash.

Locate the wires that work the car’s power door locks then connect the door-lock relay to the lock or unlock wires. After that, connect the alarm wire to the relay according to how the tech advisor said so.

There is more wiring and drilling to be done, but the rest should be a cinch. What you must take note of, however, is that once you arm the alarm, you must see to it that the doors actually lock. For if they do not, then that means what you have done totally flopped.

Swallow your pride and get help.