Insomnia Sleep Treatment Centers

When chronic insomnia gets the best of you and you no longer feel that you can withstand the battle, it is time to reach out for help. Insomnia Sleep Treatment Centers specialize in the treatment of chronic insomnia, often in non medicinal ways. For many, insomnia is not a passing phase and just will not go away and Insomnia Sleep Treatment Centers can be the answer to some long awaited prayers.

Their approach is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It works very effectively on other conditions such as chronic pain, panic disorder, and addiction disorders but it works very effectively on insomnia treatment too. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also known as CBT is based on the theory that there were some predisposing and precipitating factors. Simply put, the insomnia is associated with an event that triggers the insomnia and even after the event had passed, the insomnia remains. The CBT then focuses on those factors that triggered the insomnia rather than the insomnia itself. CBT centers use all
different types of ways to gather information from their patients including diaries, sleep logs, and questionnaires.

The approach includes a cognitive component and several behavioral interventions. Sleep restriction, stimulus control, and sleep hygiene are used along with relaxation training. Treatment is lengthy and usually lasts up to a couple months and can involve one or more individuals at a time. You will likely be working with a psychiatrist or a psychologist, but either way this treatment is what is referred to as active treatment, meaning that the both of you will be active in your recovery.

Normally, it is your doctor that will refer you to a sleep treatment center and there it is the latest technology that is used to monitor your sleep patterns. Common tests that are run are blood work, Epworth Sleepiness Scale, Overnight sleep study, and Multiple Sleep Latency. These are the tests that will give the researchers the correct tools to diagnose your problem as well as a way to correct it. It might seem like a lot of trouble but you will surely be thankful when you are getting a good night’s rest and life will surely have a good outlook.

Many want to know the cost of this treatment and if their insurance will cover the expenses. First of all, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the US can cost anywhere from $500-$800. While some health insurances will cover the expense others may not although you will have a much better chance of the health insurance company covering it if you are going to a sleep treatment center by a referral from your doctor. This way if the health insurance company denies the claim, the doctor can assist in fighting that claim.

A final factor that people usually consider is if they need a sleep treatment center or if they can attempt to correct this problem on their own since CBT has a lot to do with self help. CBT helps the patient to have their self help managed accordingly, without this odds are that the CBT would not be successful.