Inside Out Empowerment: Free Your Mind, Open Your Heart, & Transform Your Life

I am so excited to be able to talk about my new process called Inside Out Empowerment. This is a process that’s developed after many years of study in the field of self-development, and it has a very solid foundation in Dr. Glasser’s Choice Theory®. This is a process that helps people identify their goals, uncover the unconscious programming that is the source of self-sabotage, and then consciously and intentionally develop and implement solid plans for transforming their lives into the lives they were destined for.

Seven Steps to Empowerment:

1. Admit Something is Wrong or Missing in Your Life

In order to do this you must let go of denial. If your life is already great, then you already understand Empowerment from the Inside Out. If not, take an honest look at your life and identify what is missing. Accept that it is time for a change. And clarify what you don’t want in your life.

2. Accept Personal Responsibility for Creating Whatever Life You Have Now

Through the Law of Attraction, a universal principle always in operation, you understand you have drawn to you everything you have in your life. Once you accept this fact, your next task is to relinquish blame, bitterness and victimhood. You created it; own it. However, don’t blame yourself because until now you didn’t know, but once you do, you have the responsibility for creating the life you do want.

Another area under this section is the concept of taking responsibility for problem definition. Whenever you find yourself upset about something someone else is doing, ask yourself who is most upset about the situation—you or the other person. Chances are the other person isn’t upset at all. If you are the one most upset, then you own the problem and are responsible for its solution.

3. Clarify What You Really Want

In Step 1, you clarified what you don’t want. Now it’s time to turn that negative into the positive. If things were exactly as you want them to be, what would you have that you don’t have now? What could you get rid of that you don’t want? What could you do that you don’t do now? What could you stop doing that you feel you must do now? How would you be different as a person? What has to change?

4. Uncover and Examine Your Unconscious Programming

How many times have you determined a goal only to engage in self-sabotage? This is the product of your subconscious programming. Scientists know that you wire certain neurons together and create neural pathways in your brain. These pathways can create behavior that you do not consciously choose. However, you must understand that all behavior is purposeful, even those behaviors your subconscious creates. Everything you do is designed to get you something you want. This means that whenever you engage in self-sabotage there is at least one other thing you want in addition to what you are consciously aware of. Successfully moving forward requires shining the light on those unconscious desires so you can consciously and intentionally chose how you want to proceed. Affirmations, visualizations, meditation and energy psychology techniques can be very helpful with this step.

5. Accept What Is

You cannot change the past and worrying about the future only wastes this precious moment. Forgive yourself for anything from the past. Know you did the best you could at that time. Do not fight whatever presents itself in this moment. Every event in your life has equal positive and negative value. If you are only seeing the negative, search for the lesson and the gift.

6. Make a Plan to Move in the Direction You Want to Go

Create your vision of where you are going. Understand and enumerate your reasons for wanting to get there and then create and implement a step-by-step plan to accomplish your dream.

7. Create and Utilize Support Systems

Find an accountability partner. Join our free Inside Out Empowerment Mastermind Group and consider group or private coaching to give you the support and accountability piece you might need to stay on your path.

Inside Out Empowerment helps you become a better leader, manager, parent, partner, friend, helper, teacher and most importantly a better YOU!

This system is NOT for you if you are looking for the easy way out. This is for those of you who want to REALLY get to the bottom of your limiting beliefs and the self-sabotage, preventing you from becoming who you were meant to be from the start! Until now, most “treatments” for this problem have been simply masking the symptoms so the pain was lessened but did little to treat the root cause. Start using the steps of Inside Out Empowerment today and you will begin to see real, monumental changes.