Information on Holistic Dog Care

You obviously might not know it, but holistic is derived from Holism. And holism is derived from holon. Holon on the other hand is a Greek word, which actually means ‘entity’.

Holistic care for your dog thereby is a form of treatment that goes a very long way in treating the entire dog to cure it… not just treating the symptoms of the illness on its own.

Holistic dog care derives its potential from the idea that the most preferable way of curing your dog of any illness is to help it to cure itself.

Sounds complicated?

It isn’t. Just hang on and it will become clearer as I progress.

You see, all humans and animals have a natural tendency to heal and cure themselves of most illnesses that plague them.

But do you know why they are unable to cure themselves?

Their immune systems are usually not powerful enough to cure these illnesses… partly because they are weakened by other factors. So, if the immune system can be boosted to the degree that it can take care of itself, your dog can remain healthy for as long as possible.

The best that holistic dog care advocates is to help our dogs get to the position where their immune system can help them cure themselves.

That reminds me of a statement I heard sometime ago which goes “We are not the true healers of our dogs… they are!”

Wow, how powerful, right?

No matter what we think about it, nature is not as dump as many people erroneously assume. It has its own ways of making sure that things work out the way they should. When it comes to illnesses, nature has provided all animals, plants and other living things with ways of preventing, treating and curing certain illnesses.

Your dog is not an exception.

Just as human immune systems work to help in preventing illnesses, so does the immune system of your dog help to prevent and even treat illnesses.

Simply help your dog get its immune system working in optimal level in a constant state and it should take care of itself.

But honestly, there is a whole degree of truth herein.

Instead of stuffing our dogs up with all the chemical medications that have terrible and far reaching side effects, it is much better for us to treat the root of the problem so that our dogs can cure themselves.

If our dogs’ immune systems are strengthened constantly by intake of natural supplements, they will be able to not only cure themselves of the many illnesses but also help to act as a defense mechanism for keeping illnesses at bay.

This is what holistic dog care is really all about — help our dogs regain their natural immunity and thereby heal and cure themselves.

This will not only save us extra money but also help our dogs stay healthy and live longer.

More so, with the chemical potentials of steroids, vaccinations, antibiotics, preventives and other such treatments, holistic pet care becomes very necessary.

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